Microwave shuts off after a few seconds: causes and solutions

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If you own a microwave then you must realize that it is one of the most important kitchen appliances. It is an all-in-one kitchen product that can help you in many ways.  But if it becomes faulty or stops working due to some reason then it can cause problems and may hinder with your activities. One of the most common problems that arise with microwaves is it shutting off after a few seconds. There could be many causes for this and the following are some of them along with the solutions if your microwave shuts off after a few seconds.

1. Problem with the microwave door switch

One of the most common causes of microwave shutting off after a few seconds could be problem with the microwave door switch.  Check each of the door switches for burning or arcing.  If you see no visible signs of this, then you can take a multimeter and test the switch for continuity.  If you observe no continuity or there are signs of burning, then you may have to replace the door switch.

2. Issue with the main control board

Another possible issue that may be making your microwave go off after few seconds could be an issue with the main control board. But before checking the control board, you must check all the other parts first and ensure that the wiring etc is done properly. If yes and even then the problem doesn’t get resolved then in that case you can check the main control board using a multimeter. Replace it if it doesn’t show any continuity.

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3. Problem with the control panel or touchpad

If microwave shuts off after a few seconds then you can also check the control panel or the touchpad. For doing so, you may need to press each of the buttons. If there are only a few buttons that respond and the rest do not then the problem may be with the touchpad and it may need replacing.

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4. Issue with the transformer

If the transformer goes bad, then it can cause the problem of microwave shutting off after few seconds. Infact in this case, it may also be giving out a bad smell. But do not make the mistake of replacing the transformer yourself because it holds a lot of electricity even after it is unplugged.  So hire an electrician to get it replaced or consider changing your microwave all together.

So now that you know the various causes of microwave shutting off after a few seconds, you can understand the issue and try to resolve it. If you are able to do it yourself, you may need few tools and replacement parts. However if you are considering hiring an electrician for microwave or general home appliances repair, you can contact Mr Right services for the best possible services.

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