Tips to get away with spilled paint on carpet

cleaning of spilled paint on carpet

We all love our carpets, they are very dear to us and we try hard not to spoil our setting, whether at home or office space. A dirty carpet creates a very bad impression in the minds of visitors. Not to worry, with a few handful tips, you can get over to this situation and your carpet will be shining again. Before getting to know how to clean spilled paint on carpet, you must remember that irrespective of whatever paint accidentally fallen off on your carpet, you must quickly remove it. Otherwise, if you address it later, it will be more difficult to get rid of the stain.

The easy way to deal with spilled paint on carpet

A very simple tip to remove spilled paint on carpet is to wait for about half an hour and let the paint get dried. Later you can remove it with the help of a tweezer. If it does not work, then you can use a scissor to do the needful.

When the spilled paint on carpet does not get spread over a large area, it is easy to clean them. It is true in respect of both latex and oil based paints. Here, you should use an absorbent around the spill area with wood dust. Don’t rub the area, prefer soaping it up. Use a paper towel to do this. Take two rolls and overlap them with one another, and then drop them on the paint, they will absorb it automatically. Repeat this process for several times, till the carpet fibers become visible.

How to remove spills come from Latex Paint

removing latex paint from carpet

One advantage with latex paint is that even the stain is a few days old, it is not difficult to remove it. When you try to clean spilled paint on carpet caused by latex paints, you will need water and regular dishwashing soap. Use a spray bottle filled with warm water in shower temperature and spray it on the remaining stain, making the area wet again. You will see the paint looks a little sticky. This is done with the intention to reconstitute the paint, which will ultimately make it easy for the dish soap to wash it away.

Now keep bloating the area until you see the towels become clean. Take a bowl with warm water and mix a few dish soaps. Take a sponge to dab the area again and again with bloating motions, slowly you will see your carpet coming clean. Again, clean the sponge and dab the area for the last time to remove the soap remains.

How to remove oil based paints

However, if it is oil based paints, you can take help of solvents, that are normally used to clean the paintbrushes. Oil based spilled paint on carpet is not that easy to remove. In most cases, it is a paint thinner or mineral spirits that are recommended for cleaning. You can use a few white rags and soak them lightly with the solvent and start dabbing at the stain, till the time paint becomes less visible.

If soaking fails, you should resort to gentle scrubbing till you are convinced. After this, clean it again with a sponge by mixing dish soap in warm water. Use a damp sponge to wipe the remains.

How to clean spilled paint caused by water based paints

To remove water based paint, bloating is also done with a clean rag without scrubbing. If it is a dry paint, use a blade or knife to scrape. Then add hot water and detergent to clean the area.

Be careful while using chemicals

Chemicals help in cleaning your carpet stain, but at the same time, it causes some damage to your carpet if not properly administered. Take care of your hand while cleaning the carpet, because latex paint causes dry skin, so apply a good moisturizer immediately after this. Use gloves while doing all these.

Things to remember

It is difficult to remove paints when they get dried. In such situations, you will need to use a scissor. A very easy effort is to dissolve the paint with hot water to make it softened. The second step will be putting a rag over the spot and leave it for a few minutes. The next step is bloating the moisture, and simultaneously adding hot water till the paint will disappear.

If you really want to know how to clean spilled paint on carpet, these tips will come to your rescue. However, if the paint does not go away even after trying out all these tricks, it is time to call a professional.

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