A Fresh Start: 6 Painting Projects to Boost Your Home’s Sale Potential

Are you looking to put your house on the market? Or maybe you just feel like refreshing your home’s look for a fresh start? Either way, painting projects can be a great way to spruce up and boost your home’s sales potential. 

From providing season-appropriate accents that will make prospective buyers swoon to neutralizing bold colors that could steer away potential buyers, there are many reasons why painting projects are an excellent and affordable tool in real estate. 

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Today’s guide explores six simple painting projects that will add tremendous value and beauty—creating the perfect first impression.

1. Add Accent Walls

Creating an accent wall is one of the most simple and cost-effective painting projects that will still have a significant impact. This is where you select one wall, usually the largest wall in a room or space, to paint with a bolder color than the rest. 

For bedrooms or living rooms, this could be as simple as painting one wall navy blue while keeping the rest of the walls a light gray or mint green in a kid’s room. The pop of color will help draw attention to feature pieces like fireplaces or windows, brighten the room, and create an instant mood-booster. 

If you’re unsure where to start, contacting an expert to learn more about popular painting techniques is always a good idea.

2. Create Visual Interest with Stripes

If you’re looking for a subtle yet eye-catching painting project that will make the space look larger, then stripes are just the thing. All you need for this is two colored paints (usually one light and one dark) and painter’s tape to create straight lines. 

You can mix up the width of the stripes depending on how bold you want them to be or keep them all uniform. Just be sure to use a leveler if you’re not good at free-handed lines!

3. Boost Your Curb Appeal with Exterior Accents

Closeup shot of a female using paint rollers with the color blue

When it comes to painting projects and creating an excellent first impression, the exterior of your home mustn’t be forgotten. You can employ a few simple tricks to make your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood and draw in buyers. 

Paint your front door an exciting color that will catch your attention and reflect the mood or colors of the inside of the house. 

You can also paint shutters to match them with the door or give them a completely different look to make them stand out more. Lastly, painting siding around windows will help highlight them as a unique home feature.

4. Give Natural Wood Projects Some Love

Free photo top view of paint brushes on wooden background with copy space

If you have any natural wood projects in and around your house, they can be easily spruced up with a simple paint job. Firstly, ensure the wood is sanded to remove dirt or imperfections before painting. 

Then, take into account the room and environment in which the project will be placed. For example, a bathroom or kitchen may require different paints than a living room or bedroom. Once you’ve got all your materials ready, apply two coats of paint for an even finish.

5. Create an Outdoor Oasis with Colorful Furniture

Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular to relax and entertain guests, so why not add a splash of color to bring it to life? If you have any outdoor furniture, such as chairs or benches, then give them a new lease on life with some vibrant colors. 

Whether giving the metal pieces a fresh coat of white paint or the wooden items an exciting teal or yellow color, you can be assured of creating a relaxing outdoor oasis that prospective buyers will swoon for.

6. Neutralize the Bold

If you’ve got any rooms in your house with bold colors, then neutralizing them is essential to creating a more universally appealing look. 

Bright pinks and yellows may turn away potential buyers who are not into such flamboyant colors, so opting for a neutral palette that can be built upon will be best. 

For rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, neutrals like whites or grays are great options as they create a bright, calm atmosphere that appeals to everyone.

Final Thoughts

Creating an attractive home is essential to boosting its sales potential in the real estate market. With the right painting projects, you can easily add value and style to your space—creating a welcoming atmosphere for prospective buyers that they’ll be sure to love. 

Whether adding an accent wall or giving outdoor furniture some vibrancy, there are many simple ways to spruce up and make your house stand out. Here’s to a fresh start!

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