Easy tips to fix a squeaky door at your home

How to fix a squeaky door
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A door at your home releasing cracking sound when you close or open it every time. The reason behind this is the friction of wood against wood. You want to get rid of a squeaky door without any delay. Get these tips if you don’t want to call a professional. Here is how to fix a squeaky door at home-

First attempt with lubricating oil

Lubricating oil is the simplest household way you can repair your noisy door.

First attempt with lubricating oil

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As a household solution, you can simply remove the joints of the door and treat them with some lubricant substance. If the joints are covered with rust remove it first with the help of a steel wool. Be careful when you remove the joints, otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself.

Even without removing the joints it is possible to repair a squeaky door. For that, you can apply the lubricating oil first and you can do it by spraying the oil into the door. Pick up some silicon-based spray from the market and apply it. This will be a preliminary step to repair your noisy door. Many people use cooking oil as an alternative.Now take out the door joints pins with the help of a hammer and nail punch. Once the pins are loosened, you pull them out with a screwdriver. Keep in mind that after removing the pins the door will tend to fall out, so support it against the wall to prevent any injury.

Use a white grease coating to your joint pins

White greasing prevents rusting and apply it on your squeaky door hinges. Usually, this oil works for a longer period and they do not dry out that easily. Sink down the door pins in this greasing. It will clean the rust sticking over the door pins.  Take a hammer and nail punch to adjust the squeaky door pins into their own position till they become tightly fitted. Check them by opening and closing the door 2 or 3 times to ensure that the sound is gone and you are relieved. If the door gain creates sound, then it may be because you did not put enough oil needed to calm it down. Apply a second coat of greasing to see if the situation improves.

Use a white grease coating to your joint pins

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Remember to wipe out any remaining oils, otherwise, there will be stained in your squeaky door and it will look bad. Apply it from time to time whenever you hear such unusual sound.

How to fix a squeaky door by using wax as lubricant

Some chemicals like paraffin wax you can apply to stop the sound of your noisy door. They are found in a raw form in the market and they also are present in our regular candles. Some old paraffin candles are those that come with scents, they can be applied in the noisy door hinges for lubrication purpose.

Some chemicals like paraffin wax you can apply to stop the sound of your door

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For that, you will have to melt your candles over a gas stove or an electric stove. Safety precautions are necessary for both the appliances. The standard melting point of paraffin wax is usually around 284°F (140°C). Adjust the temperature of your gas or microwave accordingly. Make sure the wax is properly melted. Now you should wipe down the pins in that hot melted wax. Apply hot melted wax into the noisy door pins. It is ok if you apply them without cleaning properly. Check that the squeaky door pins are completely coated in the wax. Now adjust the pins back to their position.

You should have to wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes so that it allows the wax to cool off. This is done to prevent dripping off the squeaky door pins. Check if the sound has disappeared by simple opening and closing the door. Apply a second coat of paraffin wax if the sound still continues. Since wax is not heavier than oil, so it will needless to wipe off any leftover oil from the noisy door hinges.

When you need steel wool

When you see your neither wax nor oil is unable to stop the sound of your door, then it might be because your door pins are very old and dirty use. Here you must use steel wool to clean them. Because of dirtiness, your door pins are not functioning properly and releasing such sounds. Steel wool is a very powerful thing to clean your noisy door pins.

When you need steel wool

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After removing noisy door pins, put them in the sink. Get a steel wool pad from the market and start scrubbing the pins with them. Thy clean all the dirt’s deposited over time on the door hinges. The hard spots you can remove them rubbing them again and again with the steel wool. Along with the steel wool, you can use a cleaning detergent.

After cleaning the squeaky door pins with steel wool, apply a coat of oil and wax into them. Remove excess greasing remains cause by dish soap, oil you used for lubrication.

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