A detailed guide on over the range microwave installation

over the range microwave installation
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The term over the range microwave refers to a set up where your oven is placed on the gas top. People prefer this set up because of the convenience of use and in the hope of a better look. The vent is located on the wall and when you are remodelling your kitchen you can do the arrangement. This type of microwave is different from the one that people use generally on the countertop. They are specially designed for installing above the gas top to inbuilt vents to divert the exhaust fumes from the stove. For this purpose, you will need a cabinet to be made to enable the microwave to hang on. This cabinet will work as the support base of the over the range microwave and will accommodate the wires and contain a part of the venting.

The installation process will require professional hand if you expect proficiency in the work. It will take about two hours to hang the microwave from the wall and cabinet. It may take longer if venting and wiring are required.

Installing a microwave cabinet

First, you will need to install an over the range microwave cabinet. For this job, you will need a few basic items including a screwdriver, tape measure, drywall saw, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, strippers, Over-the-range microwave, cable, vent etc.

Here is a step by step guide on over the range microwave installation.

Installing the vent

Start with installing the vent and cover it with plasterboard or drywall. Get a vent cut through the drywall with the help of a drywall saw.

Installing the vent

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Installing the outlet

As the over the range microwave will hang from the cabinet, you will require installing an outlet into the cabinet to pass the gas fumes.

Placing the fan

Channelling the air in the right direction is important while installing an over the range microwave. It will vent through the wall or the roof. In some microwaves, you will need to install a fan to channel the air.

Adjusting the mounting plate

A mounting plate will need to be attached to the wall and it will be supported by bolts which will pass through the bottom of the cabinet into the top of the microwave.

Adjusting the mounting plate

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Tape mounting template

Most of the over the range microwave ovens come with a template for mounting in the package. You will need to adjust the template to the wall by drilling out as per direction. If it does not come in the package, then call a professional or follow the manufacturer’s directions to drill the mounting holes.

Attaching the mounting plate

Attach the mounting plate to the wall. The right way to do it to find out where the stud falls and on the design of the plate. It is necessary to find out at least one stud, otherwise, you can use heavier toggle bolts in other places. The whole weight of the over the range microwave will come to the metal mounting plate.

Hanging the microwave

Fasten the door and get somebody to help you to hang the over the range microwave on the mounting plate if you are doing it all by yourself. Place the cord on top of the microwave and push it up through the hole that goes to the upper cabinets.

Bolt the microwave

Bolt on the over the range microwave to the cabinet as per the directions made by the manufacturer and plug it on. Your microwave’s installation package comes with certain screws which you will need to tighten them in place. Take a wrench to tighten them in the upper cabinet.

Finding the studs

You must find out the studs, not the wallboard to place the microwave. Studs are safer compared to the wallboard. Take the help of an electronic stud finder to easily locate the studs.

Finding the studs

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Applying paper template

Two paper templates will be required to install the over the range microwave. One should be placed on the wall and one for the upper cabinet. With the help of masking tape, attach the wall template to the wall. However, your job is not done yet. The template you placed in the upper cabinet will show you the exact place to drill holes for adjusting the power cords and venting.


No one likes dependency in life. You can try your hand in installing this type of microwave with the help of a few tools as we have mentioned above.

If you need any assistance in over the range microwave installation, contact us Mr right services for expert service.

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