Want to fix bent doors and windows on your own ? Read this

How to fix bent doors and windows
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Doors and windows though we do not pay much attention are a great addition to our home. Having them not in proper shape will affect their functionality as well as decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home. As time passes they also show signs of aging, for example, you will see the gap at the bottom of the door has become too large day by day. We usually do not replace doors and windows in frequent intervals unlike other items at home. But the truth is that whether it is a bent door or a bent window, it disrupts the setting of your household even if your home is filled with costly decoration items. So, sometimes you need to pay attention to them. If you know some certain tricks, you can solve many big repairing problems at home on your own. How to fix bent doors and windows involve a few steps of hard work which are described below-

Identify the areas where the door is bent

When you find your door is giving you trouble when you open it, it sticks when you open it.

Identify the areas where the door is bent

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First, notice the area from where the bent door problem arises. Check where it shows misalignment. Check where the door has become out of shape. To identify this, get a colored wood chalk and keep it on the each side of the bent door and in the top and bottom areas. Now check the places where the chalk has disappeared by simply opening and closing the door for 3 to 4 times. These areas are uneven and will need attention.

Actual steps of treating a bent door

The door which goes out of shape is difficult to fix. Especially if it is an untreated wood used mostly in old houses or if it is a front door that withstands many difficult weather conditions. Apart from that if the door is cheap quality, then it also causes warping out.

actual steps of treating a bent door

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To fix this bent door problem, you will have to separate the door joints structure or hinges. perform this with the help of a screwdriver. Employ caution when separating the door, call other people at your home to lend a helping hand as the door will be heavyweight.

Keep the bent door in a laydown position and put some heavy thing over the bent area. Make sure that each of the screws is properly tightened.Leave it for a few days like this and it will automatically return to its original position. Make sure that the moisture does not accumulate over this. From time to time, you will need to repeat this process.

After removing the bent door, you will have to identify the bulges. They are usually seen in the places where the wood is over exhausted from repeated use. Use an electric saw to cut these small areas. This will improve the look of the wood. It is like giving your wood a fresh lease of life.

Door frame also matters

A broken door frame may sometimes cause this problem. If the joints are misaligned then you will have to take care of that first. Otherwise simply correcting the bent door will not solve the problem.The defects in the hinge system or simply the door joints structure is one of the main reasons behind bending of the door. If you see the screws in the joints are moving as you open and close the door, then it is an indication of the loose joints.

Door frame also matters

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A resetting option can be a remedy to this bent door situation, you can do it manually or call a professional to place them again. Eventually, the screws also need to be replaced as the door gets old so that they can function properly. As you get new screws, you will fix them into the door joints and will help you to realign the hinges. The bent door will start functioning again.

How to fix bent window screens

Mostly window screens are made from aluminum with a cover of mesh screen. Mesh screens are intricate materials, a kind of netting, very lightweight. Because of their delicate nature, they tend to bend over time, which is resulted into a bent window

bent window screens

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You can fix it quickly by following these steps-

Take out the bent window screen frame. After that, place the screen on the floor and remove the window spline from all the corners of the frame with a screwdriver.The spline is a kind of thin stripe used in the fitting of the window.

As you pull out the screen, check which part of it is bent. Take a measurement of its length. Suppose the right side is bent, then take the measurement of the left side of the bent window to see what is the original length of the screen.

You can either replace the bent pieces by buying them in the market or alternatively, you can replace the screen as well. The latter is a lot easier. By simply using a spline roller you can install a new screen and get rid of the bent window problem.

These guidelines about how to fix bent doors and windows will help you to experiment things at home.

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