Awesome Backyard and Gardening Ideas to Make you Feel More at Home


Having a well put together garden can change the way you view the outside world. Simply being out in nature can relax you. It is comforting to enjoy your own green space, away from the rush and buzz of the modern world.

Amenities are not necessary for the perfect backyard. Sometimes a bench and a sweet smell on the breeze is just what you need. Other times, the sound of loved ones mingling with the excitement of a yard game is the perfect way to relax.

There are many ways to create a great garden and backyard, it can be hard to know where to start. With a little inspiration, you can find a whole world of backyard bliss. Thankfully, this article can jump-start your personal paradise right at home. Read on to discover awesome ideas to make your space feel like home.

Fragrance is Key


All of your senses should be stimulated in a perfect garden. There are a variety of herbs and plants that bring color and scents to your yard. It is important to know which smells are soothing and which are too potent for you personally. Some flowers have soft fragrances that can send just a whisper of smell along a good breeze, while others are heavy with perfume, able to create a sense of sweetness all throughout your yard.

Flowers like gardenias carry strong, sweet scents. They have large, typically white blooms that are pleasant to look at as well.  Some bush growing flowers, like lilacs, are more subtle in aroma. Lilac varies in color, and have attractive greenery. 

For less sweet scents, herbs are a good choice. They serve the functional purpose of seasoning food as well. Options like sage, mint, and lemongrass have clean scents. The earthy essence of herbs can evoke feelings of warmth and home. These herbs are beautiful in their own right, producing exciting foliage and occasionally flowers as well.

Picking plants that bloom at different times helps your garden to look and smell great through all types of weather. Finding greenery that looks nice even when it’s not in bloom will keep the area beautiful while each section takes its turn as the focal point of your garden.

Build a Covered Space

The weather can ruin your plans to get outside. Having an awning, gazebo, or other covered space guarantees you can enjoy your backyard no matter the weather. Being able to enjoy a warm, spring rain is very relaxing. Roofings not only keep the rain out, but they provide a place to take a break out of the sun on hot days. 

With the right outdoor furniture, an area with a canopy is a great place to gather for meals. Adding outdoor netting will also keep bugs at bay, for a safe place to relax at night. Canopies come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, making it easy to find the perfect one to fit your space.

Bring the Garden to you

Though most plant life is spread throughout the yard, bringing some of those gorgeous greens closer to sitting areas evoke comfort. By incorporating attractive pottery and pot stands in your sitting areas, you can mix flora into your furnishings. With potted plants you also have the option of picking more delicate blooms as you can bring them inside during harsh weather. 

Perennials are a good choice for most gardens as they only need to be planted once to bring joy year after year. In the harsher climates, however, some buds are skipped for hardier options. Having these types of flowers in portable containers allows them to keep growing even through harsh winters, keeping your home green in the bargain.

Comfortable Furniture Makes a Comfortable Space


While having a beautiful garden can relax you, it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors in a hard chair. Wrought iron and wooden structures can be attractive but are typically rough on your body. From cushions to hammocks, there are many fun options for comfortable furniture in outdoor spaces. Hanging furniture can be utilized even without a tree or sturdy beam. Several types come with their own stands, making it possible to swing all across your yard.

Keeping softer materials outdoors is difficult in areas with variable seasons. Many outdoor storage options now come with the added functionality of being a bench or table as well. These items allow you to keep your area clean and make full use of the space you have. 

With multiple color options and materials available, a well-chosen outdoor storage piece can add a decorative touch to your garden. These can be matched with the furniture they store by adding decorative throws and cushions.

Keep Warm with a Fire Pit

Sitting around a warm fire with friends conjures feelings of closeness. Bonding over smores, laughing while the stars are out, and snuggling while the embers burn low are all excellent ways to spend an evening. Adding a fire pit to your backyard adds the comfort of loved ones to your lawn. 

Fire pits have become a do-it-yourself art form in recent years. There are many types of materials available at your local hardware store to safely personalize your area. Not all fire pits require wood to produce a beautiful flame. In our modern times, there are options for gas and electric fire pits as well. There are also above-ground options that allow movement if you’re interested in reworking your space from time to time.


Having a well put together garden and backyard space can bring you closer to nature. Once you’ve made the space your own, it is a joy to spend time outdoors. It’s easy to add little touches such as yard games and grilling equipment to encourage outdoor activities. You can play through until night and listen to the night creatures sing. Having a great yard makes life a little more comfortable. Get out there and relax.

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