How to stop water from entering basement

waterproofing basement
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Most of our homes have basements in them and these are those spaces which prove really useful in many ways. Not only do they prove great for storage purpose but also double up as spaces you can actually live in if required. However one problem rotates around all basements in the world and that is the issue of water entering them. water coming inside basements can prove to be a serious issue and must be avoided at all costs. This article will help you know certain ways to stop water from entering basement:

1. Check the area around the foundation

The first thing that you need to do is to check the area near the foundation of your house. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Add dirt against it in order to create about 2 inches per foot of slope.
  • The top of the dirt that you add much be 6 inches below the sill plate so that you have no ground contact which can lead to rotting in the future.
  • Also make sure the gutters around the foundation are always clean and the downsprouts must discharge water about 5 feet away from the foundation.
make slope in basement to stop water

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2. Waterproof the walls

If you waterproof your basement then the chances of watering entering will be  lowered by a great degree. You can do so by using products available in the market. Make sure you select the waterproofing product carefully after enough consideration and comparison. You can follow the given steps to waterproof the walls:

  • First remove any kinds of sealers, paints, the adhesive and oils etc from concrete.
  • Seal the walls against moisture using a commercial waterproofing product. For this, move all the stuff of one side to the other and then vice-versa.  Let it dry out for a couple of days and repeat the process with the other side.
waterproofing the basement


3. Repair all kinds of defects in walls

If there are any cracks or other defects in your basement walls, then it is important that you repair them. These cracks need to be filled as they can pose a risk of water entering inside.  There are many crack sealing products available commercially which you can purchase from hardware stores.  Another way to repair cracks is by using an injection of construction-grade epoxy which penetrates the crack all the way from inside to outside.

repairing wall defects

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4. Install a sump

You can also consider installing a sump which is nothing but a hole int he basement floor that consists of a pump.  It helps to discharge any water that rises too high outside the house.  For this you require some amount of experience and training but if you lack that, it is always better to hire a qualified individual for the job.

sump pump

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5. Consider perimeter drain or French drain for serious water problems

If the water problem in your basement is a little too serious then you can also consider installing a perimeter drain or a French drain.  It is basically a drain which consists of a continuous system of piping that runs beneath the floor of the basement and along the perimeter.  A French drain includes of a pump and a sump for removing any water which enters the drain system.

french drain

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Now that you know the best ways to stop water from entering basement, you can waterproof and seal your basement to protect it from damage. to contact professionals who can do this job for you, you can contact Mr Right for plumbing services.

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    If your downspouts are dumping water less than 5 feet from your house, use plastic or metal gutter extensions to direct the water further out. Extensions, on the other hand, aren’t the most attractive or practical long-term option, especially if you’re prone to tripping over them or running over them with a lawn mower. The permanent underground drain pipe is unseen and capable of transporting significant amounts of gutter runoff far away from your home.

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    My dad told me that he would like to repair his basement so that he can rent it and make some extra money since he lives alone. I like how you said that if you waterproof your basement then the chances of watering entering will be lowered by a great degree. I will tell my dd to contact a professional so that the basement can get properly repaired and that way he can rent it sooner.

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    You make some good points on making sure your basement is waterproof. I agree that you want to check the foundation first to find out. I’m looking for someone to waterproof my basement before the rain comes, so I’ll have to make sure they are qualified.

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