Tips to keep your bedroom closet organized all the time

how to organize your bedroom closet and keep it that way
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Your bedroom closet looks good when it is organized. Often, we must take out and take in our clothes, so it gets messy and you must organize it frequent intervals. Many ways you can organize your bedroom closet, pick below-mentioned ideas for better results. The bedroom is one of the prime areas, a majority time you spend on your bedroom, your bedroom is one of the comfortable and cosy places in this earth where you escape from all tensions by laying down in the bed after a tiring day.

Organizing your bedroom closet will give you mental peace. If your drawers are overflowing, your bed is cluttered, full of items lying all over the bed, items lying in the floor also all these things leave you frustrated and puzzle when you come back home. However, with a few imaginations, you can reorganize your surroundings and decorate them in several ways by applying some common sense and clever tricks.

You will need a few supplies to complete the task of organizing your bedroom wardrobe. While organizing your bedroom closet, you should remember and always look for functionality and aesthetic aspects of the space.

Let us discuss how to organize your bedroom closet and keep it that way –

Clean your bedroom wardrobe

Select your clothes which you don’t wear or rarely wear or anything which does not fit you now. In the summer season, keep aside your sweaters and other woollen clothes which you do not wear. Same wise, in the winter season, keep aside short clothes which you wear in the summer. So, depending on the season, you should arrange them in your bedroom wardrobe.

Clean your bedroom wardrobe

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Moreover, you have always options to experiment with your clothes, for example, you can cut down your old clothes and make them something new out of them. This is also a clever idea to declutter the space.

Fold your sweaters

Sweaters take more place in your bedroom closet, so fold them nicely and properly so they do not occupy much space. Hanging them will take a lot of space. Also, it will change their shape if they are hung for a longer period. Fold them one by one in one side of the corner of your bedroom wardrobe and do not make the piles too high, otherwise, they will fall.

Fold your sweaters

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Hanging is a satisfactory solution for some clothes

You can hang your pants on one side of the bedroom wardrobe, then collared shirts one side, and dresses in another side. Further, you can organize them based on their length, season or occasion. Clothes to be worn on the special occasions for example marriage should be kept entirely separate. Get some decent quality hangers without wires, pant hangers and no-slip hangers to organize your clothes accordingly.

Colour type

Colour is an important consideration to make while arranging your clothes. You must sort your clothes as per their colours and arrange them. It will be an effortless way to maintain your bedroom closet and to keep it tidy. This is the easiest solution to keep your bedroom closet look good. It will help you to pick out what you need in any occasion.

Storage ideas

Maintain store bags will help you to keep your things organized in your bedroom wardrobe. You can pick up storage cubby for the wall or floor and hang your bags in clothing hangers or shower hooks.

Keep your drawers organized

Fold all the things lying in your clothing drawers in your bedroom wardrobe. Always arrange your pants and shirts in a horizontal manner instead of vertically. This will help to sort them quickly. Always remember to keep aside smaller items like socks, lingerie, and belts, use separate compartments for them.

Shoe storage solutions

Shoes are an important part of your life and you must organize them. you can keep them in the lower compartment of your bedroom wardrobe.

Shoe storage solutions

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Otherwise, keep your shoes under the bed, on the floor or in cubbies. You can hang your boots on pant hangers. A footwear cabinet is a wonderful solution which you can buy online now a day.


The idea of how to organize your bedroom closet and keep it that way is a simple task if you maintain it daily. The amount of empty space under the bed is a major area of storage which everyone loves. You can use small baskets to keep things under the bed which are not so essentials. Those storage beds are a satisfactory solution to this. Those beds that come without storage you can adjust your own. The headboard storage of your bedroom is also a key area to keep your books, lamps and photo frames etc things.

When it comes to organizing your jewellery collection, there are many ways to do that. You can divide them based on their style, shape and display them by hanging or placing them in some containers or dishes. Your nightstand can also provide some amount of storing space. Bookshelves is another thing you can consider keeping your valuable books which you have collected and which you don’t need to have an easy access.


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    I can’t even describe how great this looks! My closet literally looks like a dump site. Bagged clothes, shoes all over the place, and for some reason I have close that are pre-kids hanging that are not going to fit me anymore. Love these tips.

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