Painting your rooms with the right colours

Choosing the right colour for your rooms
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Choosing the right paint colour for your home is a significant factor while you are setting up your home or just thinking to revamp it. Painting is such a thing which gives you immediate effect while redecorating your home. Never buy your paint colour first even if you find them cheaper anywhere in the market. It is easier to choose the right paint colour that will match the kind of furniture and décor of your home rather than to finalize a room décor depending on the kind of paint colour you have already purchased in the market. Choosing the right colour for your rooms takes many things into consideration, let us see.

Get an inspiration

Search various places like Pinterest and others when you are trying to decide the right paint colour. Search a board for each room and pin down options whichever you like.

Get an inspiration

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Once you collect more than 10 options, then you will have a clear idea of what you want in terms of your colour and style wise. You can check the right paint colour combination that is displayed beautifully in every little thing you use daily, so search for inspiration all the time and apply your imagination. Because just coping paint colour ideas from others may not suit the home environment you have.

Stay loyal to neutral colours

This does not mean that you must avert colours. But first, decide which part of your home you want to highlight. If you want to highlight your walls, then you should choose a bold paint colour. Now if you have bold colours on your walls, then all the things in the room should be kept neutral so that it does not look like stuffed with so many colours. Therefore, the bold paint colour works well in the bathrooms because the other things in the bathroom are already set in white.

Get testers

You can get a tester in many shades from the market and start to experiment colours from different angles at different times of the day by painting a large area. It is better not to test your paint against neutral walls because it will throw the colour off. It will help you to compare the paint colour from each other.

It is worth spending on a tester before buying all the costly paints for your home. You can apply paint colour separately in separate areas of your home, for example, if you paint your living room in one colour, then paint your other rooms in slightly lighter shades or make them darker with the same colour strip. This brings some uniqueness to the place.

Get a right paint colour theme which can be applied throughout your home. Paint your rooms in different colour shades and do not apply the same colour to the entire house. This is a standard recommendation from experts to get the paint colour. This brings some interest in the minds of the home dwellers.

Check the colour of your furniture and fabrics

While painting your room, you must check the colour of you’re a furniture and fabrics for a matching look.

Check the colour of your furniture and fabrics

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Just paint a poster board and hold it up against the sofa or other items to see the effect it gives. You don’t have to match them 100 percent, but make sure you are choosing the right paint colour so that it goes with each other or complement them and does not reflect an odd look.

Getting knowledge on the right colour finish is important

Before painting your room, you should have some knowledge about the nature of different paint colour finishes and how it will work in your condition. Matte finish does not have any shine. Therefore, it is good for areas including the living room, bedroom and the ceilings. If it is flat enamel, then it also does not have any shine, but it is easier to clean it. This is the right paint colour finish for areas mentioned above.

When it comes to eggshell enamel paint colour, it does reflect a bit of shine and perfect for painting in an area like a living room. It is easy to clean and can be cleaned with a wipe cloth. The satin enamel finish also has some shine and is recommended for areas which have moisture, for example, the bathrooms and kitchens. The semi-gloss enamel finish is shiny and this should be used in the cabinets and the moisture areas. The hi-gloss enamel is a shiny glass-like finish and thus good for railings and in the furniture.

Choosing the right colour for your rooms gives you satisfaction and happiness and you will enjoy staying at home.

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