Typical signs of clogged drain related plumbing issues

Signs of a clogged drain
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We all are familiar with the fact that the sewer line transfers and carries waste water from our houses and leaves it in the main sewer line.  Since this is a process that happens day and night without making its presence felt in a major way, we tend to take it for granted and forget to check the drains from time to time. But when sewage starts coming out of the drains, then we tend to realize the importance of keeping drains clean and checked.

If your sewer is clogged, then not only does it pose a danger to the belongings in the house but can also result in need for repairs that can prove expensive. Besides this, a clogged drain can also cause chaos and may need your time and attention. This is why you must act fast as soon as your start observing signs of clogged drains and some of them have been given as follows:

  • Gurgling toilet-If you ever notice that your toilet is making gurgling sounds, especially after you have just used it, just done laundry or used the dishwasher, then this could be one of the signs of  clogged drain. This points out to a problem with the sewer line and may need your attention. It is best to contact an expert who could clear your sewer line or unclog your drain.
  • Water level rising and falling in the toilet-Have you ever noticed that the water level in the toilet suddenly rises and then suddenly falls? Well if this happens, then this too is one of the signs of  clogged drain or problem with the sewer line.  One may assume that there is a problem with the toilet but in reality, this could be a red flag for clogged sewer line and must be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Slower drains are also signs of clogged drain

When there is an issue with the sewer line, then more often than not, drains of the house may appear to be slower than usual. But keep in mind that if it is only one drain that has become slower, then there might be an issue with only that but if most or all of the drains in the house have become slower, then the problem is related to clogging of drains or sewer line.

Slower drains point out to plumbing problems

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  • Overflowing sinks, floor drains and bathtubs etc.

Another one of the obvious signs of clogged drain is the overflowing of sinks, bathtubs and floor drains etc. If water comes up in these areas, then the drains might be clogged and may not be allowing the water waste to pass through the sewer line. In this case too you may need the help of a plumbing expert.

Overflowing sink is a sign of a plumbing issue

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In case of drain clogging, one must take action as soon as possible since this can lead to further problems and may result in damaging of personal belongings.

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