5 common plumbing problems you face at home, and how you can fix them

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Every household encounters some minor plumbing emergencies from time to time. Though they appear small issues but avoiding their repairs for long can incur bigger cost.

5 most common plumbing issues and their possible causes are explained below:

Leaky faucet

Water that enters in your home is under high pressure to move through pipes and faucet. There is a rubber or silicon based washer inside the faucets. When the tap is turned off, the washer creates a water-tight seal that prevents more water from pushing through the pipes and out of faucet. With time the washer becomes torn or loose creating a space from where little water can seep through and drip. Leaky faucets not only wastes water but also shoot up your water bills. The solution is to tighten the washer or replace it with a new one.

Low water pressure

This is a very common water related issue in household.The most simple reason for low water pressure is the deposition of sediments inside the pipes and faucets. Water entering in your home has dissolved minerals and salts which eventually get deposited in the interior of water pipes and obstructs the water flow from the tap. Other possible reasons can be some leakage or crack in the main water pipe or less water supplied from the originating source i.e. your municipal water supply. Avoid the deposition of sediments by installing water softeners and conditioners in home. Check for breakage and leakage in the water pipe and if you find any, call professional plumber for help.

Leaky pipes

With time the water pipes get worn out and begin to leak.  Leaks usually occur at the joints. Over time pipes loose strength and high water pressure loosen the joints. Possible solutions for leaky water pipes are pipe replacement ( in-case pipes have cracks) and joint tightening and replacement (in case the leakage is through joints).

Clogged drains

When water that should seep through the sink, bathtub and other vents does not go out, you probably have a clogged drainage. Chemical drain cleaners and clog removers are easily availabe in stores for unclogging drains. However these caustic chemicals can damage pipe if used too frequently. So if your are facing the clogging problem on a regular basis call professional plumbers.

Running toilets

Dripping flush tanks, problem in refilling flush tanks and loose flush knobs, are some very common plumbing problems associated with toilets.

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The above were some handful and basic plumbing issues. There can be big plumbing problems as well like water tank leakage, a broken water pipe etc. which require immediate repair.

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