No water coming from geyser: causes and solutions

no water coming from geyser
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If you are someone who is experiencing the problem of no water coming from geyser then you must know that it is a common issue and can be resolved easily. When you install geyser at your home, then you basically make your hot water tap functional. This means that whenever geyser is on and working, hot water should come from the hot water taps connected in the geyser zone. But in some cases you will find that no water is coming from geyser or from those taps. We have brought to you a list of the possible causes as well as their solutions to this problem and it is given as follows:

1. Check whether water is coming out of other taps

The first thing that you need to do once you observe no water coming from geyser is to check all the other taps in the house as well. Is water coming or flowing through all of them properly? If not, then the issue is not with the geyser or hot water. You must check the main supply of the water through the stopcock. If that is fine then check with your neighbors about their water supply. But only if the hot water tap is not giving water then you must have airlocks in your pipes.

check whether water is coming from taps or not
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This could also be a result of a frozen pipe in your home. You may have to contact a plumber or professional to get this problem solved. Sometimes, the tap washer may also need replacing since this could be causing the problem. The tap may be blocked and this issue can be solved by removing the tap and looking at the washer. You will be able to see if it needs replacing. If yes, contact a plumber to help you do so.

Fix the airlock

If the reason for no water coming from geyser is an airlock then you can resolve it yourself by following the given instructions:

  • You must first attach the hosepipe to the broken tap and then fit its other end to a working tap.
  • Turn on the broken tap and this will help breaking the airlock.  But for this, leave the taps running for a few minutes.
  • If this works, then first remove the hose off the highest tap and not the lowest.
  • Doing the opposite could mean developing a vacuum and thus an airlock again.
fix an airlock
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2. Check the electricity supply in case of an electric geyser

If you have an electric geyser at home, then the possible reason behind no hot water coming from geyser could be a problem with the electricity supply.  Follow the given tips to check and solve this problem:

  • First check the main switch on the hot water geyser and then the fuse or circuit breaker. Sometimes the fuse flips and this could lead to not hot water. Just flip the fuse from OFF to ON position to solve the issue.
  • If the fuse has blown then you can replace it by a new fuse but only with the same rating. For this it is better to contact an electrician.
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Now that you know the various causes and solutions to the problem of no water coming from geyser, you can solve the problem on your own anytime. But in some cases, the issue could be beyond your understanding the expertise and thus you may have to contact a professional plumber. If you are looking for a plumber for general plumbing work or other problems, you can reach out to Mr. Right. So contact them today and solve all your plumbing problems.

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  1. 1
  2. 2

    Hi, I see dirty yellow water coming from geyser, can you help what cold be wrong and what should I check in the geyser?

  3. 4

    No water coming from they at all every night till the next day. Even if we can leave the taps open from midnight water will still start coming out after 6am the next morning if we lucky otherwise around 8am. what could be the cause?

    I have already checked

    1. Incoming cold water supply pressure into the geyser
    2. checked hot water discharge pipes from the geyser

  4. 5

    No water from geyser washing machine and toilet pipeline whilst all stopcocks are open it started to bring warm water to the toilet bucket before it started to slow water pressure and started to drop water slowly to the toilet bucket until stopped dropping water. But the cold water coming out freely with pressure it’s only geyser pipeline stopped water flowing.

  5. 6

    Hi, I used to receive hot water from geyser must it abruptly stopped coming out even though hot water is in the geyser what could be the reason?

    • 7

      It’s a situation where hot water is in the geyser, but not able to get to the taps. What could be the reason?

  6. 8

    Hi I’m experiencing a problem of no water coming out of the gyser. It’s not a permanent problem, it sometimes goes away and sometimes comes back so I’m not really sure what is happening with my gyser. Is it an airlock problem or is it a plumbing problem. I went to check the gyser in the ceiling and everything is according to sans 10254.

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