How to pick the best bathtubs for babies

Best bathtubs for babies
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A newborn baby is unstable and playful at the same time. He is delicate and needs utmost care. The bathtubs for babies are available in plastic and foam form, helping new-borns to relax in the water and the older babies to float around. Giving a bath to a newborn is not that easy as a lot of scrubbing and washing involved in the process. The quality of a good bathing tub is that it helps mothers to wash their babies in a convenient manner.

The types of bathtubs for babies that are in fashion now a day are sink inserts and basins, available in different budgets. Based on some popular opinions, we will discuss on baby bathtubs. Below are some best bathtubs for babies most of the parents prefer when it comes to washing their babies-

If you choose Sink Inserts bathtubs for babies

This bathing tub is flexible because you can easily insert it into the kitchen sink or bathroom sink.

Sink Inserts bathtubs for babies

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You can stand comfortably watching your baby playing with water. This is ideal if you have small space at home as you can hang it somewhere. It does not demand any extra space. You can use it for 4 to 6 months’ time. This bathing tub is travel-friendly because of its tiny size and you can carry it with you wherever you go. The tub automatically comes in fit with your sink and you can cradle your baby there as long as you want. It is appreciated because of its simple and brilliant design.

The only disadvantage with this bathing tub is that considering your baby’s faster growth, this bathtub will no longer useful after a few days. Because as your baby started sitting up on his own, he will not like to lay down there. Before going to use it, you must check the dimensions of your sink as well if you want to accommodate the bathtub in it, also you have to make sure that your faucet does not come too close to the tub.

Flowery shaped bathtubs for babies

This bathing tub comes as sink inserts. This helps baby to keep the proper grip and there is no fear of slipping down while bathing. They have soft towel-like pedals.

Flowery shaped bathtubs for babies

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They can be washed in the machine and can be hanged anywhere at your home. The difficulty with this bathtub is that as your baby slowly sit up without your help, he will not fit into this tub. Moreover, this bathing tub is heavy and difficult to squeeze out the water when it is wet.

The standalone bathtubs for babies

Among basin tubs, the standalone tubs for infants is an ideal option. It supports the regular bathroom tubes, tables or countertop and can be used on the outside as well. This bathtub can be lasted for at least 1 year.

The Long-Lasting bathtub option

This bathing tub comes in a reclining form giving many advantages to newborns.

bathing tub comes in a reclining form

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It helps the baby to sit up properly because of its expanding back. It prevents slipping while taking the bath and because of its drain plug it can be adjusted the kitchen top. It has a modern and sleek design. It will work for the entire toddler days so it is a wise investment. It can be adjusted as a flat base during bath time. For small space bathrooms, this bathing tub is ideal because you can hang it anywhere. This is extra-large and can be used till your baby will be around 2 years old. Storage of this bathtub can be problematic. Moreover, small sized babies might find it slippery and bigger to cradle around with these kinds of bathtubs for babies.

High-tech baby tubs

This baby bathing tub comes with a water filtration system which helps to release dirty water one side and let clean water in. It also has a temperature monitor system to know if the water is too hot for the baby. In short, it is a combination of a basin tub and a recline that allows maximum comfort for a newborn. However, this model is not for older babies.

High-tech baby tubs

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Whale bathtubs for babies

A classic bathing tub, it can be fitted with double sinks and is affordable at the same time. Its advantage is a temperature sensor that alerts you when the water is too hot. It is travel-friendly because it can be folded up. It is affordable though not suitable for newborn babies. It is a bucket shaped tub that allows the baby to sit in a fetal position during bath time. It leaves a soothing effect to your baby.

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Final opinion on the best bathtubs for babies

As a mother, it depends on your choice how and where you prefer to wash your baby. You can wash him inside the house or under the sunlight. Based on this, your bathtub preference shape will vary. The other things you will check how much space it will need to keep it, its travel-friendly nature, or how functional it can be.

The main question is how long you can use a bathing tub as a baby grows very fast and after 6 months’ time, the bathtub will be out of use. However, nothing is as precious as your baby. The price will be well spent if you make a careful choice. Here is a list of quality baby bathtubs you can think of considering-

Others Baby Bath Tub Foldable

LuvLap Baby Bathtub with Anti-Slip (Pink)

Luvlap Baby Bubble Bathtub with Anti Slip (Green)

Intex Inflatable Kids Bath Tub-3Ft, Multicolor

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