Your water pipes release unusual sounds? Do you ever wonder why?

noisy water pipes
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Noisy water pipes give you sleepless nights. Plumbing defects is a regular thing in every house. When you hear there is a hitting sound comes from inside the pipes, you might be wondering at first thinking about the source from where it is coming. Here, we will discuss the possible reasons behind this sound and will offer some solutions about how to fix noisy water pipes temporarily at home

To silence your Noisy water pipes, you can employ these household tips.

Defects in the air chamber can cause the pipe to release sounds

You should know how to fix the defects in the air chamber to avoid that banging sound. The air chambers are a kind of device which prevents water to strike against the pipe. It is a vertical pipe usually located near the faucet and at an exit point of the water supply pipe. In some houses, air chambers could be at different places. Because of lack of air in these chambers, they stop function properly. Hence at regular intervals, these air chambers should be refilled with air to repair noisy water pipes. 

Defects in the air chamber can cause the pipe to release sounds

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Follow these checks and measures while doing this-

  • You must put off your main water supply at home
  • You must turn on the faucet of your house with the highest flow
  • Identify the faucet with the lowest flow and turn it on so that it drains all the water from the pipes.
  • Air will be automatically coming inside the pipe as it releases all water.
  • When the water will be completely drained out, close the lowest faucet and turn on the main water valve. You will find the sound of noisy water pipes has disappeared.

Now if the hammering still exists, then it is because air remains in the air chambers

If you know how to fix this problem, you can prevent this to happen. For this, you must tighten the loose pipe mounting straps. The framing of the straps attaches the metal tape of plumbers and different types of hooks and hangers. If the strap gets loosened, the vibration occurs because the pipe’s water starts moving against the framing tools, as you open and close the water tap. Therefore, it is necessary to check all the connected pipes to make sure that they are tightly adjusted to get rid of this noisy water pipes situation.

Another way to repair noisy water pipes 

Another possible reason can be that the pipe is getting loosened in its position, and therefore banging against the wall and creating the sound.

Another way you to repair noisy water pipe

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As the water comes, it starts striking against the wall. You can cut a piece of garden hose or a rubber patch and insert it behind the loosened strap. If it is a stonewall, you can apply one more trick by pushing some wood blocks between the gap, created by the pipe and the wall. You can detect the block with the help of screws and connect the pipe to the block with a strap. The sound of noisy water pipes will no longer exist.

High water pressure also can be a reason of noisy water pipes 

When the water pressure is very high, then also it causes noisy water pipes. A fast-moving stream of water comes to an abrupt halt as it enters a closed valve. Because of this blockage, a loud sound comes. If left untreated, this hammering sound may cause damage to the joints and connections in the pipe.

Use a water pressure regulator to get this fixed. Now a day, in every house, a regulator is placed in the main water supply point.

High water pressure also can be a reason of noisy water pipes

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If you do not have a regulator, call a professional like us to get it installed to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future. Because a very high-water pressure is the reason to damage dishwashers, washing machine, and other electrical appliances at home.

These tips about how to fix noisy water pipes will benefit you at the time of when you cannot access professional help.

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