Easy steps to choosing the perfect kitchen sink

tips to choose kitchen sinks
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If you have decided to build your own home and want to select a sink on your own, then you must know that the market is full of options. Gone are the days when simple sinks were used in both bathrooms and kitchens.  The availability of modern sinks as well as simple models can make the process of selecting the sink difficult. Moreover, sinks are available in all shapes, sizes and materials. One is spoilt for choice and this is why we have brought you an easy guide to selecting and choosing the perfect sink for your kitchen.

  • Know the dimensions correctly

Before heading out to the market to purchase the sink, you must first know the dimensions of your sink area. There are single basins, rectangular basins, double bowled sinks and double sinks of the same size for rinsing and washing.  Thus know what exactly you want and what the size must be before purchasing.

know the dimensions of the sink correctly

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  • Choosing the sink materials

The next step is to select the material of the sink. Sinks are available in several materials including solid surfacing, composite of quartz, stainless steel, cast iron colourful enamel and others.  Each has its own positives and hence you must be clear about its purpose for yourself.  Make sure you select the one which is most durable and goes well with your kitchen interiors and colours.

kitchen sink installation

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  • Check the type of installation

Another thing that you must consider before purchasing a kitchen sink is the type of installation.  The way the sink is installed has a direct effect on the look and usability.  On one hand there are drop-in sinks whereas on the other there are self rimming sinks.  Both are mounted above the counter.   The sinks that are installed underneath the counter include recessed sinks and under mounted sinks. Similarly, many other varieties are available and hence one must choose carefully.

kitchen sink installation

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  • Consider the features being offered

Another important tip to choose the perfect kitchen sink is to know and consider the features that are being offered.  Some of the features include clamps for easy installation, availability of 2 to 3 bowls for avoiding water from spilling on the floor and rear drains etc. Some of the others include rim seal, sound lowering pad and others.

kitchen sink installation

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  • Do not forget your budget

One of the most important things to remember when choosing a kitchen sink is your budget. Set a realistic budget bracket and make sure that the sink that you buy comes within that limit. Sinks are available in many price ranges and you might easily get tempted to buy an expensive one but it is better to avoid exceeding your upper limit.


So now that you know the various tips on selecting the perfect kitchen sink, you can venture out in the market and buy one for your new kitchen.  It is always better to buy one which suits the look and feel of your kitchen so do consider that as well.

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