Septic tank maintenance tips

Septic tank maintenance
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The septic tank maintenance is a crucial issue for the household as the sewage waste flows through it. This is not only the case with the firm dwellers or who live in the outskirts of the city. Even the people who live in the city also sometimes need to maintain the septic tank. However, it is not that difficult to maintain it if you have some prior knowledge about it. Let’s discuss it. If you expect a clean and trouble-free environment at home, you should follow these septic system maintenance tips-

Proper installation

Make sure your septic tank is installed correctly to avoid any problems further. A soil test or percolation test is done to confirm whether a certain area in the ground will support a septic tank. Your building must have to support the conditions for a non-problematic septic drain field and the health inspectors will decide who will come for jurisdiction.

Proper installation is the first step towards septic tank maintenance

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Overloading of the septic tank and drain field is not recommended

You should check at regular intervals for any leakage in the faucets and toilets as a prevention of septic tank overloading. If you see any leakage, repair it immediately. Look under the basement and if you find any, look for more. To lower down the water consumption, use aerators on faucets or flow reducer nozzles on showers. An alternative can be buying energy-efficient appliances. Use less water for the small amount of laundry at home.Try doing a shorter dishwasher cycle to avoid huge water consumption. Another solution can be the installing of a modern age low flow toilet to save water.

Never through anything in the toilet

Do not flush disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, paper towels, facial tissues, cigarettes butt although they dissolve easily. The result can be a bad clog for which you will have to call a professional. These items immediately clog the septic tank sooner than expected.

Do not pour any greasy materials down the septic drain field

Greasy materials will naturally clog the septic drain field or the septic drain field and will make the soil unable to absorb liquids. In such instances, you will need a new drain field which will be a costly affair.

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Do not allow rainwater to deposit in the septic drain field

A sloppy drain field will not absorb and decompose the liquids. Try to divert the excess rainwater from the septic tank field by planning some landscaping, roof gutters and foundation drains. this way you can secure your septic drain field.

Never let tree to affect the septic drain field

Keep trees away from the septic drain field as much as 100 feet away. Some trees have aggressive roots and they should be kept further away to avoid spoiling the septic tank.

Use Garbage disposals Wisely

The type of garbage disposal also affects the functionality of the septic drain field. It is recommended to choose a top-line disposal unit that crushes the food into very small particles which are easier for the tank to digest.

Minimize the use of heavy cleaners

Too much of chemical cleaners kill beneficial bacteria in the septic tank. As a result, the solid particles won’t break down properly in the septic drain field.

Protect the septic system from damage

Never attempt driving down the septic drain field, always leave a mark on it by building a structure or cover it completely with a concrete thing. Do not drive over the drain field, leave the place marked by building something over it or cover it with Asphalt concrete.

Protect the septic system from damage

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Always plant grass on the drain field to reduce soil erosion.

Timely maintenance is important

The solids should be pumped out properly form the septic tank. Depending on your family members and the amount of use, pump the water in an interval of three to five years of regular use. However, for any sort of septic tank maintenance, always call a professional. Do not open it all by yourself, as it contains harmful gasses and bacteria.

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