Avoid plumbing problems while you are on vacation with 5 easy checks

Leaky faucet

You are on a vacation and enjoying a sumptuous breakfast with your family and your phone rings and you see your neighbor is calling. You come to know that water is flooding from your backyard. It strikes you that it can be because of the leaky pipelines whose repair you have been avoiding or is it that kitchen sink tap that you left open.

Such unpleasant vacation spoilers can be avoided. You just need to take care of few things before leaving home for the relaxing vacation:

Fix leaky pipes

Plumber to repair leaky pipes

Get the leaky pipelines and faulty water pipes repaired. Leaks and cracks in water pipes are very common. Make sure that there are no cracks in the water pipes connected to your appliances, kitchen or toilet. And if there is any get it corrected before you leave for a vacation. (Image source: www.bjplumbingsprinklerutah.com)

Repair leaky faucets

Plumber for leaky faucet repair

Make sure that there are no leaky taps and faucets in your home. Get them repaired if you find any. (Image Source: www.a1home-services.com)

Double check if the faucets are closed 

Faucet repair

Check that all the taps and faucets inside home and in the exterior area like garden or backyard are tightly closed. Make sure that none of the water outlets are open. Do not forget to shut down your sprinklers and fountains if you have any. (Image source: www.skydrop.com)

Unclog blocked drains

Blocked drain in bathroom

Check that all drains in your home are clean and unclogged. As there can be rain in your absence and your home might get converted into a pool if the drains are clogged. (Image source: www.architonic.com)

Shut down all water related appliances

Geyser Installation guidelines

Switch off the water heater,geyser and your washing machine before leaving. Ensure that all such appliances are unplugged from water inlet source.

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By following these handful checks you can relax and enjoy your vacation instead of thinking what your leaky pipes might be doing to your carpet.

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