“My ice maker is not making ice” Why?

ice cubes in tray

Ices makers can vary from model to model but they operate on similar principal. Whatever be the type of the ice maker in the refrigerator (whether it is connected to the water supply or you fill the water in the ice tray), they have similar operations and problems.

Working of an Ice Maker

The three requirements for making ice are :

  • Water in the Ice maker
  • Correct Temperature inside freezer
  • Incoming voltage.

The optimal temperature for ice making is 0 Degree Celsius or less. When the required temperature is reached inside the ices maker or freezer, voltage is sent to the water inlet valve which allows the water to enter the ice maker. In the models that do not have an inlet water supply, ice trays are manually filled with water and kept in the refrigerator. When temperature is correct and water is in the ice maker, the refrigerator starts making ice. And when the ice cubes become sufficiently frozen the freezing process stops. But the temperature is kept optimal to keep ice fine and frozen.

Problems with ice maker and their reasons

But many times it happen that the ice maker is not working properly. There can be two situations with the ice maker:

  • Too small or hollow ice cubes : A water pipe is connected to inlet water valve of the refrigerator. The water flows from the pipe to the valve and reaches the ice maker. Sometimes due to insufficient water pressure to the inlet valve or any obstruction in the water pipe itself, required amount of water cannot be reached to the ice maker box and hence small or hollow cubes are formed. This can be corrected by checking the water pressure reaching the inlet valve. If the pressure in the water pipe is less then the problem is with the water supply line. But when the water pressure is fine then there can be an obstruction in the inlet valve of the refrigerator.
  • No ice at all : Many times it happens that the ice maker does not work at all. One possible reason is that no water is entering the ice maker to make ice. This occurs when water is frozen inside the pipe carrying water to the ice maker. Other reason is that the temperature inside the refrigerator is too high for the ice maker to produce ice. To understand why the temperature inside refrigerator increases and it does not cool refer to “Why my refrigerator not cooling

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    Whatever be the type of the ice maker in the refrigerator (whether it is connected to the water supply or you fill the water in the ice tray geometry dash), they have similar operations and problems.

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