Safe electrical socket covers

Electrical socket covers
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It is important to install Electrical socket covers at your home which are of good quality and fulfil all the safety standards. People mostly concern about the safety standards when they invest in an electrical socket If you have a family with pets, you will naturally see the safety issues while buying electrical sockets. We will check out some of the safe socket covers found universally-

White UK Single Switched Socket Plug

This is an affordable, single switch plus electrical socket come with white screw covers. This kind of socket covers are popular in countries – Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Sicily Isles, etc. It contains 13 AMP screw and covers.

White UK Single Switched Socket Plug

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White Single Wall 1 Gang Plug Electric Socket with cover

One of the best single socket covers come with RoHS standard that indicates high-quality material compounds. It contains Fixing Screws.

10 x Baby Shockproof electrical Socket Cover

This kind of socket covers comes with a child protection tag and suitable to be used in residences, play schools etc.

White Double Wall 2 Gang Plug Electric Socket with Cover

This is a double Plug Socket Blanking Plate retain high safety standards. This electrical socket is RoHS complaint that itself assures high-quality standard. The packet includes fixing screws.

White UK Double Switched Socket Plug electrical Covers

It is a double switch electrical socket available with white screw covers. It comes with 13 Amp. Widely used in countries like Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Sicily Isles, Northern Ireland.

UK White Light Switches and Sockets

This electrical socket comes with a 10 Year Warranty White Finish. It fulfils British standard of safety compliance, BS EN 60669 and BS EN 1363 and CE for the UK. It includes double 2 x Stainless screws with 2 White Screw covers. It is a Double UK Switched Socket, in the range of 13A 250v. One advantage is that it is used as a TV electrical socket cover.

White 1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch electrical Wall socket Cover

This product comes with a 10-year warranty with white screw socket covers. It contains 10 Amp. These kind of socket covers are common in countries including- Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands etc.

White 1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch electrical Wall socket Cover

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Double Switched Socket Electrical Safe Cover

This is one of the best waterproof socket covers, comes with a powerful UV stable switch, ideal to be used in the households. It contains highly safety standards with 13 amp. This type of socket covers with IP66 used for protection against tough weather conditions.

5 X UK Standard Double Switched Socket Plug Cover

This product is a 5 X Double switched socket available with white screw covers.  It comes with 13 Amp. You will see this kind of socket covers in countries like Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands.

5 X UK Standard Double Switched Socket Plug Cover

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Splash Proof Outdoor Waterproof Socket Cover

Being a Splash proof single plug electrical socket, this is wonderful to be used in a place like indoor gardens. It reduces the possibility of accidental plugging and socket detachment.

Concluding remark

Style, the convenience of use and safety are the factors people consider while buying electrical socket covers. As you have seen all the socket covers mentioned here are free from the safety point of views and easy to operate, you can consider investing in them. A few more such socket covers we have given you for reference-

Blossom Child Proofing Electrical Socket Covers (White)

0-Degree (8 Units) Electrical Socket cover for Indian Plug Point for Baby Safety Proofing

ABH Electrical Socket Covers (Pack of 1) Free multi-colour Baby Socks 2 Pair

My Milestones- Home safety – Electrical outlet covers – 6 pcs

For your all electrical installation requirements, we Mr Right services are there to guide you!

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