How to Choose the Best Repair Man

We know how it goes. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you wake up and realize that your refrigerator is not cooling at all. Or your washing machine shuts down in the middle of a washing cycle, and your AC starts to malfunction.

At least that’s how we experience it. The truth is that these broken appliances showed signs that something was wrong, way before they simply stopped working. Our life most of the time gets so busy that we’re unable to notice the early signs of malfunctioning. That’s why a repairman comes in handy for these kinds of situations.

However, we also know that it is not as simple as it seems. A lot of repairmen, though being the jack of all trades, only perform reparation of certain devices. That’s why we will explain everything you need to know before hiring one, so that you can make the best decision for you and your wallet.

What to Look For

It is all about knowing what you need. Once you decide what repairing service you need, you’ll need to start looking for referrals. It is wise to remember that many repairman agencies offer limited coverage on the appliances that can be fixed.

Trust me, there is no better way to build trust on someone you’ve never worked with than have them recommended by someone you do know and trust. So, make sure the folks you ask recommendations from are totally trustworthy.

Once you get the referrals, you can start with a more in-depth investigation of their services. The most important thing to look for is whether the repairman is licensed (if the task requires it) and is already insured. Both of those documents should be valid and current as well.

You can also look for things like how long the company has been in business, whether the business is family-owned, run by a large company, or if the business is located in larger directories. This can help you gain more insight on the reliability and the quality of service they offer.

Finally, it is highly recommended to make a phone call and talk with the repairman before he or she comes to your house. The best thing to do is to ask specific questions about your problem and ask for an estimate.

Repairmen that are more experienced should have no problem on giving you an estimated cost of the part needing to be fixed or replaced. If you experience difficulty in getting your questions answered, beware.

That can be a sign indicating the person’s lack of experience, and therefore you might get way less than what you see.

To Each One His Own

You have to keep in mind that there is no one-size fits all service. According to Edmonton’s government, many repairmen in most cases don’t need to be licensed unless the task demands it.

The job level is focused on different combinations of qualifications that allows them to work on a variety of trades, and those qualifications can be labeled as follows:

Typical duties: Perform everyday maintenance work such as:

  • plastering
  • holes and cracks patching
  • rough interior
  • maintenance of various ventilation devices
  • maintenance of various refrigerating appliances
  • rough carpentry work
  • HVAC basic maintenance tasks
  • truck operation
  • mechanical and electrical tools maintenance/ repairing

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: A repairman can have expertise in the following areas:

  • level of risk on the work performed
  • best practices that ensures safety on the task performed
  • correct use of methods, tools and equipment used
  • know how to listen and follow instructions
  • skill to take care and optimize the tools required to perform a duty

Training and experience requirements: This also includes things like level of formal education. A licensed repairman needs to complete at least the 10th grade at school. He or she also needs to have a valid Class 5 Alberta Motor Vehicle Operator’s license as well as being qualified to obtain a city driver’s permit.

However, for a repairman to be eligible to perform drainage services, the level of education rises up to grade 12 or a GED.

According to the government, Edmonton is also required to meet the criteria for Drainage Services positions under this classification. This is stated on the Alberta Environment Wastewater Collection Certification requirements for Drainage Services, something that repairmen that are specialized on drainage must meet.

How an Appliance Repair Agency Work

Most appliance repair agencies are familiar businesses. Members who happen to be mechanically inclined have the opportunity to be self-employed and help their local neighborhoods to supply them with appliance maintenance and repairing.

However, there are also larger companies stepping into the game of household appliances and automation maintenance/reparation services. Generally speaking though, these agencies, unless they have a very specific service, are no competition to local providers.

A local agency stands out because of the more friendly and customized service they provide to each one of their clients, whereas a larger agency tends to have a more standardized treatment that does not necessarily keep all the customers happy.

Just make sure the agency has trustworthy references, so you are better informed on the worth of its service. If you live in Edmonton and want to know more about the different kinds of services an agency provides, don’t hesitate about  Edmonton’s Dial An Appliance Man .

The total cost of repairing will completely depend on a series of factors such as the type of appliance, the pieces that need maintenance or repairing, as well as the hourly rate they charge.

However, according to the site Thumbtack, Inc., the minimum service fee a repairman can charge is $65 USD. That includes diagnosis, 1.5 hours of commute, as well as the estimate time to repair the appliance.

Finally, keep in mind that appliances that draw energy from gas will be more expensive to repair and maintain than ones that are electricity powered. The reason being because the risk on gas devices is higher than the risk on electrical devices. So, keep that in mind before proceeding.

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