5 Dining Tables for your Home that are Crazy Awesome


It doesn’t matter if you have an open concept in your home or not, an area for a dining table is a must for every home. That is the place where the entire family sits and spends time together during lunch and dinner so it is important for every family member to feel comfortable. With an amazing dining table, you can make the entire room shine and every family member would rather eat on the amazing table than on boring wooden or antique table. I have made a list of 5 really amazing tables which will definitely lure your family and they will love those tables so much, you won’t be able to make them leave the kitchen. One thing you have to be careful with tables like the ones on this list; they are not for everybody and if you are a strong person (which I believe you are) you will find the perfect table that will match your style from top to bottom.

Millennium Bontempi


Image source: infurma.es

The Millenium Bontempi is a table which suits a modern designed home with minimalistic style. The table itself looks simple, but the more you look at it, the more it catches your eyes. The table comes in two shapes, the rectangular shape, and circular shape and you can choose one depending on the size of your room. If you have a square room you can choose the circular shape, but if you have elongated room, a rectangular shape is a better solution. This table doesn’t have the usual four leg design and its entire stand is in the middle. The table surface comes in different colors and materials but they all have one thing in common – their minimalistic appearance. It doesn’t matter if you choose wood, glass or steel, the table will blend perfectly in your modern room. The legs are made from steel and they are located in the middle of the table but that doesn’t make the table any less stable than regular ones.

Concrete dining table


Image source: trueformconcrete.com

The concrete table is an awesome idea, especially if you love the concrete jungle around us. There are many DIY projects for making a concrete table, but I would suggest that you leave that to experts. The badly made concrete table can be bumpy and when you place your palms on it, it may give you discomfort. On the other hand, a well made concrete table is smooth, modern, slick and it will give you that special feeling especially during hot summer because it will stay cold. Another advantage of the concrete dining table is the fact that concrete goes perfectly with wood. If you choose a concrete table surface you can complement it with thick wooden legs and it will give the room that rustic design you want to achieve.

Foosball dining table


Image source: inform.es

I know that having a foosball table as a dinner table sounds cheesy and like it belongs in the bachelor’s apartment, but this table is much more than that. The dining foosball table was made by the Rafael Rodriguez and it is a perfect fit in a dining room of any professional foosball player. The table itself has very slick design and I know I can imagine myself eating above the foosball field. Just like the Millennium Bontempi, you can choose the oval or rectangular shape which is great because you can adjust the table to your dining room. The table surface is tempered glass which is slightly elevated from the table which gives the surface the extra height. The rods are below the tempered glass so they won’t poke you in the stomach during dinner. It is a table which can amaze women – with the style and men – with the purpose.

Swing dining table


Image source: marvelbuilding.com

The swing dining table is the perfect solution for all adults who want to feel like a kid at least once more in life.  You are probably picturing a wing attached to the table and not too much space for eating, but I must say that you are far from the truth. The table is made by engineers so it is pleasant to the eyes but made with special care. That means that with this table you won’t bump into each other or move the table because every part of the table has a purpose. There is enough room for 4 or even 12 people on it, all you need to do is choose the size of the table. The modern style will make the table blend in any room. The table surface is made from wood and the rest of the table is made from steel. Besides the size, you can pick the indoor or outdoor option which is great because, after all, it is a swing table.

Driftwood dining table


Image source: alldriftwoodfurniture.com

Driftwood dining table is for all those who love traditional and elegant design because this table tells a story. I would definitely recommend putting this table in an open space because driftwood is a part of the furniture you could spend the entire day looking. Every designer who has ever worked with a driftwood has come up with the same conclusion. The best material used with the driftwood is tempered glass. That way, the driftwood gets the deserved focus and tempered glass is a table surface which won’t stand in the way.


Article Source & Author Bio:

Mark is a blogger and a foosball player who has a combined two his main passions in one – a blog about foosball called the Foosball Zone. On that blog, he writes everything connected to foosball, from foosball history and tournaments to tips and tricks how to pick the right foosball table and then maintain it through ages. If you want to learn more about foosball, go here to visit his blog.



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