Ceiling fan maintenance and cleaning tips

ceiling fan maintenance
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Ceiling fan is one of the electrical appliances in the house which is the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Once hung up there, we hardly take out time to make sure it is working fine.  However since it is so important in all seasons, we must take proper care for it to ensure its correct functioning. There are some ceiling fan maintenance and cleaning tips which everyone must follow so that they can enjoy uninterrupted functioning of this important appliance. They are given as follows.

1.Vacuum the blades of the ceiling fan

The first tip to clean the ceiling fan is to vacuum its blade on a regular basis. Dust gets accumulated on the blades and needs to be cleaned.  Clean both the upper part and the lower part of the blades but do it gently so as to avoid bending the blades.

2.Use a cloth to wipe the ceiling fan blades

Besides vacuuming the blades, you also need to wipe them down using a wet cloth. For this, dip a cloth or sponge in water and need squeeze it. Wipe the blades using this cloth gently. Be careful when you use a ladder or stool to stand up to clean the fan.  Do not use any harsh cleaners to clean the blades as they can damage the blade of the ceiling fan.

3.Remove the blades for a thorough cleaning

Another thing you can do as one of the ceiling fan maintenance and cleaning tips is to remove the blades of the ceiling fan for a more thorough cleaning.  This is helpful for those who don’t want to take a risk of bending the blades while cleaning.  Also it helps if you need to replace a bent or broken blade.  But be careful about removing and installing the blades back again before you clean them thoroughly.

As far as maintenance of the ceiling fan is concerned, you need to make sure that the fan isn’t noisy. For this, you must tighten all the screws and fixtures using a screwdriver. Also, make sure that the pole which is connected with the ceiling has strong connection with the fan. The blade holders must be well connected with the motor whereas the blade screws should be tightened to the blade holders.  Dust accumulation can create problems for ceiling fans as this leads to shaking. It can also cause the motor to run too hot. To limit the amount of dust that accumulates on the fan, you can blow out any parts of the motor that are visible using a compressed air can.

Now that you know the main ceiling fan maintenance and cleaning tips, you too can follow them and avoid any kind of ceiling fan repairs. However if you ever face any fan related problems, you must contact a professional and get repair work done.


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    It is a better way to clean your fan once in 2 weeks. We professionals always think that having such routine your fan will last and will avoid repair. Also, you can have good airflow around your house.

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