How to carry out ceiling fan light installation

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We all have ceiling fans in our houses and workplaces. Not only are these appliances extremely useful but almost essential to our daily lives. Ceiling fans are available in all kinds of sizes, designs and colours and some even come with light fixtures. If your existing ceiling fan doesn’t have a light fixture but you feel the need to do ceiling fan light installation done, then you will be surprised that you can actually do it at home on your own. The following are some steps to carry out ceiling fan light installation done.

1. Parts and tools needed

To install a light fixture on a ceiling fan, you will need a mount utility LED light, screws, nuts, brass screws, single pole chain switch and a drill. Also, you will either need to buy a new ceiling fan to install the light or work on an existing one with the provision of attaching a light fixture.

2. Locate power and start the modification work

The first thing you need to do is to pop the closure cap from the fan’s bottom and look for white and black wires. Replace the 3 screws holding the LED panel to the light housing with 6-32 screws one by one. Pull one screw and mark through the hole where you wish to drill the cap.  Now drill the cap and install the longer screw in the light. Do the same for all the three holes.

Put the cap aside and drill a hole for the chain. One black wire from the switch should be wired to the wiring of the fan while the other must be wired to the black lead coming from the light. The white wire should be connected to the fan wiring.

3. Modifications in the fan

Now that your light is modified, the next step is to drill a hole in the cap for the wiring to go through. Fasten the cap to the light using 6-32 nuts.  Now you are ready for the installation process.

4. Installation and testing

Connect the light into the fan wiring and take help from someone to hold the light fixture up.  Once the wiring gets completed, put the light into its correct position carefully and then install the cap mounting screws.  Now what you need to do to test your installation process is just to turn the power ON. If the light turns on and off then you have done everything correctly.

ceiling fan with lights

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While it is true that lights can be installed on ceiling fans, but it is better to opt for fans that already come with lights installed. Moreover if you are not comfortable with the installation process, you can always hire an electrician. Doing it yourself may not always be very safe and should be avoided by those who do not have much experience.  For ceiling fan installation or repair, you can contact Mr Right services.

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