Get your cables under control: Effective cable management ideas

cable management ideas
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Due to advancements in technology and adding up of more technological and electrical products to our product portfolio at homes and offices, the number of cables at workstations and other places have truly increased. While this may make life easier for us but the cable wires can get entangled and create quite a lot of havoc.  Surprisingly, there are many easy hacks and cable management ideas that can help you keep your cables separate from one another and also make your workstations and bedside charging points look much cleaner. Some of them are given as follows:

1. Label your cables

When cables get entangled, it can be a pain figuring out which cable belongs to which device. To make this easier, it is best to label your cables using a label maker or masking tape.  Choose a small sized sticker and marker for this purpose. Another smart idea is to print a small photo or logo of the device or appliance to which the cable goes on the label maker and stick it on the cables.

labelling cables

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2. Use millipede cable ties to tie them up together

In order to avoid the cables cluttering your space up, you can use millipede cable ties and tie all the wires or cables together at various points.  This not only makes the space look cleaner but also prevents the situation where the cables entangle with one another.  There are many reusable Velcro ties too available in the market in several colours.

3. Make your own cable pegboard

To keep all the cables well managed and organised, you can also make your own pegboard. For this you will need a pegboard, a drill, a saw, zip ties, clamps and a wool file. Measure the space and then cut the pegboard accordingly. Now mark spots to make holes and make use of a drill to create them.  Now connect the pegboard to the wall or any other place which seems most suitable to you and put cables through them and thus connected to your devices in an organized manner.

cable pegboard

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4. Use foam pipe insulation to hide the cables

Whether it is under your desk or on the wall, cables showing up can look ugly.  You can hide the mess by using a piece of foam pipe insulation as this is one of the best cable management ideas.  All you need to do is to cut the insulation to a desired or suitable size and then stow your cables inside. Pull out the ends through the slit space and you are done!

Well these were some of the cable management ideas that can be used if you too are facing the problem of the messy cables and entangled extensions. Besides these, you can also try other methods that include creating storage box for cables and make small holes in it to make things look tidy etc.  However if you still face issues with cables or need any kind of appliance repair and services, you can contact Mr Right.

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