6 most common AC installation mistakes to be informed about

avoid making these AC installation mistakes
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If you are someone who has just bought a new air conditioner for your home or office and waiting to get it installed, only being aware of these errors you will be able to prevent them. It is important to remember that there are several things that can possibly go wrong with the AC installation and this may hinder the working. The following is a list of the 6 most common AC installation mistakes one should know about.

  1. Incorrect size of the AC unit is a common AC installation mistake

The first and possibly the most common AC installation mistake is the wrong size of the AC unit.  The unit can be too big or too small. If it is not of the optimum size, it may not be able to cool the area it is meant to and on the other hand, if it is too big, then it may prevent dehumidification. Also in the case when the AC unit is too big, it may wear off the unit from being on and off on a frequent basis.

Insulation of suction line should be done properlyImage Credits: Flickr

  1. Wrong wiring

Another thing that could go wrong with AC installation is a mistake with the wiring. If the installation professional is not too experienced, then he could easily do sloppy wiring work which may not only prove risky but may even create faults in the working of the unit. Make sure there are no exposed wires as well.

make sure that AC wiring is correct

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  1. Lack of insulation on the suction line

It is important that whoever comes to install your air conditioner insulates the refrigerant on the suction line.  What happens is that when there is no insulation, the efficiency of the air conditioner goes down considerably. The same problem is also caused in the case when the insulation is done incorrectly. So make sure you watch out for both these scenarios so that they can be prevented.


  1. There are right angles with the suction line

If the suction line has right angles, then what happens is that it leads to a lot of resistance, close to 60 feet. In this case, the air conditioner unit has to work a lot more hard to achieve the right levels of cooling. Thus you must try and avoid this situation by watching the installation process closely.

  1. Enough space not left between the wall and the AC unit

In both split ACs and wall ACs, it is important that sufficient space is left on all the sides of the unit.  This ensures proper air flow and thus accurate functioning. During installation, make sure you ask the professional to leave the required amount of space.

Leave enough space around the unitImage Credits: Wikimedia Commons

6. Overlong refrigerant pipes

Another common AC installation mistake to avoid is keeping the refrigerant pipes too long. The pipes which connect the outdoor and indoor units of a central air conditioner must not be kept too long as this can make it difficult for the AC to complete the cooling cycle properly.  This will also lead to the compressor working continuously and also unnecessary energy drainage.


keep refrigerant pipes short in ACs

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It is important to do your research while choosing an AC installation service provider to avail the best installation service.

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    Explained the intricacies of HVAC systems beautifully, making it easy for readers to understand the importance of proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for optimal indoor comfort and air quality. Kudos to the writer for breaking down complex concepts into digestible information

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    Spilt ac ducts that move out of room towards outside the hole needs to be sealed with white cement for ac indoor unit protective reasons.

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      Yes Girish, you can. Make sure you give a 15cm gap between the AC and tubelight so that the heat dissipated by the tubelight does not affect AC’s performance.

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