7 Common problems with split AC

split ac problems

Here, are some of the common problems faced by people using split AC.

1.Refrigerant leakage in split AC

split ac gas leakage

Leakages are one of the most common split AC problems. The refrigerant (AC gas, as commonly known) is main contributor to the cooling of the air. If the split AC is not cooling properly, most probably the refrigerant level is low. Since the refrigerant is stored at very high pressure, all the curves and joints in the copper pipe are under constant stress. Due to humidity and other corrosion-causing compounds in the atmosphere, these copper pipes may get weak and develop leakage holes. In many cases, this leakage gets developed in the flare nut located at the outer AC unit. Repairing for leakages problems is fairly simple. Just make sure that the repair technician doesn’t over-charge or under-charged refrigerant as it can damage the AC.

2. Compressor switching off too frequently

split ac compressor problem

In this case, most likely the filter of the split AC is choked due to heavy accumulation of dust and debris. Due to this, the AC works even harder to intake air for circulation, thus increasing the temperature of the AC above ideal operating temperature. Resulting in cutting off of the compressor. So, just take out the filter and wash under tap water. Do this monthly and you shouldn’t have any issues.

3. Ice accumulation on cooling coil

ice formation in split ac

When the level of refrigerant is less than the required amount, the temperature of cooling coil drops much below the normal. Due to this phenomena, the moisture in the room condenses on the coil and freezes. To rectify this issue of ice formation on AC, call an AC repair professional as he will be able to accurately determine if the refrigerant level is just right in the cooling coils. For more on ice formation inside split ac follow this link: Why has ice formed on my air conditioner?

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4. Foul smell upon switching on the AC

clogging in ac drain pipe

Sometimes when you switch on the split AC, it emits unbearable odours. Don’t worry, the problem lies with the drainage system of the AC. Due to dust and debris inside the drain pipe and drainage tray, water gets accumulated and slowly starts smelling bad. Just get the repair technician to clear out the drainage system and the problem should be solved.

5. Split AC not starting

Well in this case, most likely the PCB of the AC unit is at fault. There’s no specific reasons to why the PCD has failed. It can be due to surges in current, too frequent ON-OFF cycles, physical damages etc. In cases where ICs or capacitors have burnt, only option here is to replace it. If the damage is more, the whole PCB has to be changed, which can be expensive depending upon the technology used in the split AC.

6. Indoor unit making too much noise

split ac fan

Sometimes the indoor unit of the split AC starts making too much noise while operating or just during start-up. The problem is actually small so don’t worry. The fan present inside the indoor unit is at fault here. With usage the fan gets disbalanced, the technician will just dismantle the indoor unit and arrange the fan into its original place. In some cases, the noise is due to accumulation of dust and dirt on the fan which causes vibration in the fan. Dismantling and cleaning the fan will do the trick here.

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7. Swing mechanism not working

split ac swing

If the swing function on the split AC is not working, there can be 2 reasons for this. The swing is controlled by separate swings motors. Either the PCB is not sending current to the motors or motors have a problem.

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  1. 1

    India 3 star split AC cut off compressor for every five minutes of colling even on 16 degree temperature why it cut off room was hot it was doing colling for 5 minutes and then cut off for five minutes then again same

  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

    Sir. Every day when I start my Hitachi logicool split Ac it restart my computer. Though the computer runs through a ups. Ac is on a dedicated circuite. No voltage problem in my home it is 245 v every time. I am help less. Election and Ac mechanics have failed to identify the problem. Help sir

  7. 7
  8. 8


    Once the technician who visited for my relocation request manually adjusted the louvers of my LG Split AC while it is still in operation, when i asked him will that affect default operation, he said that when AC is restarted it will return back to default operation. Since then i have a doubt whether it is working properly or not and also examples of such manual louver adjusting will affect default operation or not?

    Thank You,

  9. 9
  10. 10
  11. 11

    Whenever switched on my hitachi iClean inverter model, it powered on and immediately went off with a green LED blinking. The technician told that either pcb of IDU / ODU might be fault and it has to be replaced and it must be very expensive as well as it is hard to availability. Kindly render your advice.

  12. 12

    Sir, i have blue star 1 ton spilt ac. Problem is ac running continue 6 to 8 hrs(temperature is 23) without compressor auto cutoff. I think temperature sensor not working or any other settings change in my remote. i don’t know what is the reason.

  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
  17. 17

    What is the main cause of not functioning PCB Board (indoor & outdoor) as well as its receiver? And how can we prevent it in the future?

  18. 18

    We bought an new Carrier 1.5Ton AC Since from starting day itself it has been consuming alot of power nearly 22unit per day can anyone suggest me where was the fault happen and let me know how to solve it.

  19. 19

    In my Carrier Octra Inverter 1.5 t AC, the display on the indoor unit often dims out and stops responding to remote commands. Once we slightly knock on the display area, then the display brightens up and starts responding to remote commands. This happens frequently in a day. Is the display unit should be replaced?

  20. 20
  21. 21

    my hitachi split ac is not working, when i switched on a.c its on and after fractions of second swing of a.c is closed and then it does not work. Can u plz suggest what to do with this problem.

  22. 22
    • 23

      Hi Naveen,
      It is highly likely the stepper motor which controls the swing mechanism is faulty. Please contact the AC manufacturer’s service center to replace the motors. Or better yet, book a case online at Mr Right and we’ll send an AC repair professional at your dootstep.

      Kanishk Karhana,
      Mr Right Team

  23. 24

    sir yesterday i found many ants come in and out from my a.c at corners and on switching it on it just works like a fan and not cooling. When i checked the pipes of split a.c outside my room, they were having cuts at some places from where many ants were come inside the pipe. why is my a.c not cooling?

    • 25

      Hi Pranshu.
      From what you’ve mentioned it looks like the copper pipe has been damaged. This pipe circulates coolant in the system. Would suggest you to get it welded and recharge your AC coolant.

      Kanishk Karhana
      Mr Right Team

  24. 26

    Sir yesterday I fitted Godrej 1.5 ton 5 star Ac in my room ,but it does not cools the room even 8-10 hour. It does not throw cool air,tje air coming out is like fan, not cool..so what was the problem with new Ac.

    • 27

      Hi Gaurav. Sorry to hear about your new AC.
      It is highly likely that your AC’s compressor has a problem and it is not working or the coolant gas has leaked. Since your AC must be in warranty, would suggest you to call the manufacturer’s customer care and get it repaired quickly because different parts of the AC come with different warranty periods.

      Mr Right Team

  25. 28

    Dear Kanishk, I need your suggestion which LG AC model (s) to select in Hyderabad, India?

    Following is my requirement,
    1.Bed room size is 10*9*8 with false ceiling
    hours of usage: 2-3 months (7-8 hours)
    People: 2
    West facing glass window.
    Floor: 2nd floor with 3 more floors on top of mine.

    2. Bed room size is 12*10*8 with false ceiling
    hours of usage: 2-3 months (5-6 hours)
    People: 2
    West facing glass window.
    Floor: 2nd floor with 3 floors in top of mine.

    3. Leaving room Size: 20*14*8.5(false ceiling)
    hours of usage: 2-3 months (7-8 hours)
    People: 3/4
    North facing glass window.
    Floor: 2nd floor with 3 floors in top of mine.

    • 29

      Hi Saidev,

      The critical factor while going for a LG AC will be the tonnage of the AC. Well, the tonnage depends on the floor area of the room. Keeping this and the temperatures in Hyderabad in mind I would suggest 1.5 Ton ACs for both the bedrooms and a 2 ton AC for the living room.


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