8 Easy steps for installing a split AC


Installing a split AC can be a tricky job if close attention is not paid. A poorly installed split AC will not only have low efficiency and consume more energy but also will require more frequent maintenance cycles.

1. Selecting the right installation area

Split AC should be installed on a strong wall that could accommodate the indoor and outdoor unit together. Even if the outer unit isn’t installed on the same wall, a strong wall will ensure there are no vibrations induced into the wall. Also, make sure there’s a distance of 15 cm above and sides of the indoor AC unit. Height should ideally be 7 feet above the ground.

2. Fix the mounting plate and drill outlet hole


Now, hold the mounting plate against the wall where you want to mount the indoor unit. Make sure the plate is horizontal. If you don’t have a spirit level/bubble level, use a measuring tape for the same. After achieving a horizontal position use a pencil to mark the points where drilling will take place for fasteners. Now drill holes on the marks and insert plastic anchors. Hold the mounting plate and tighten the screws. Finally, drill a hole of about 7-8 cm in an appropriate position for the pipes and wire to go out to the outdoor split AC unit.

3. Mounting the indoor AC unit


Now remove the split AC’s front cover and lift it up towards the mounting plate. Through the outlet hole drilled on the wall, send through the two copper pipes, drainage pipe and the wire. Make sure the bends in the copper pipes are smooth to maintain good cooling performance. Preferably, bind all the four together with electrical tape. Now carefully mount the AC unit on the mounting plate. Also, attach the front cover to the AC.

Now let’s move to the outdoor unit.

4. Choosing the right installation spot

There should be at least a distance of 30-35 centimeters between around the outdoor unit to ensure optimum performance. Also, avoid a place with direct sunlight or dusty.

5. Fixing the brackets


After selecting the right installation area, starting by making drilled hole for the brackets. Make sure they are horizontally aligned. Fix the bracket with the help of shipped fasteners.

for mounting a Ductless 12,000-18,000 BTU Air conditioning unit to a wall.” link=”https://amzn.to/3HCGFOf” image=”https://www.mrright.in/ideas/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/61IJ-5LfpZL._AC_SL1500_.jpg”]

6. Mounting the outdoor unit


Now lift the outdoor unit of the split AC and place it on the bracket at the same time make sure the screw holes of the bracket and the AC unit coincide. Bolt up the AC unit with the bracket firmly.

7. Connecting the wires

split ac outdoor connection

Open the cover over the electrical ports. According to the connection diagram of the AC unit, connect the power cable to the outdoor unit. It is necessary to connect the wires as the manufacturer suggests to avoid damage.

8. Connecting the copper pipes

connecting copper pipes

Before connecting the copper pipes, use the vacuum pump to clean the copper pipes. Now connect the copper pipes to the corresponding pipe port with the help of flare nuts. Make sure the flare nuts are tightly closed. Now open both the gas valves.

Done! For any queries regarding installing a split air conditioner, please comment in the section below.

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      For keeping outdoor unit (blower) we hv a neibouring house wall with more than a metre distance space. IST ok

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