How to install a window air conditioner?

Window AC installation process

Window AC installation process starts with removing glass or mesh from the window. A window AC unit is heavy and requires at least 2 people for installation. Now, let’s look at the steps to install a window air conditioner.

A window AC unit has following parts:

  • Outer case or frame
  • Inner unit
  • Front screen
  • Remote control

Window AC installation requires following tools:

  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Drilling machine
  • Support brackets
  • Guide panels (Optional)
  • Basic tool box

Window AC installation steps

Remove glass or mesh from window

How to install a window AC

Window AC installation process starts with removing glass or mesh from the window. (Image source:

Fix the outer case

Window AC installation

In window AC installation, first the outer case is securely fixed in the window frame with the help of screws. (Image source:

Fix the inner unit

Window AC installation


Then firmly fix the inner unit of window AC inside the outer case with the help of screws and screw driver. (Image source:

Fix front screen and air filter

Window AC installation

Gently fix the front screen or the cover on the inner unit. Finally, insert the air filter of window AC in place and close the front cover. (Image source:

Start and check AC unit

Window AC installation

After fixing the inner unit of window AC in the outer case, switch ON the AC unit to check if it starts properly. (Image source:

Important guidelines for window AC installation

  • A window air conditioner should be installed in such a way that the rear end is slightly lower than the front end. A difference of 1 inch is fine. If the unit is too low at front than the condensed water leaks from the front rather than dripping from the rear end of the air conditioner.
  • Window AC should be installed at a correct height. The best height for window AC installation is 3-4 feet from the floor.
  • Window AC should be installed in an area that provides proper ventilation.
  • Window AC should be installed at a place away from heat source.
  • Ensure that there is easy drainage for condensed water dripping out of window AC
  • Do not install window AC unit in an area exposed to rain or direct sunlight.

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