Top 4 common myths about air conditioners

Myths about AC repairs
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An air conditioner is undoubtedly the most important appliance for every household or office space during the hot summer months and it is difficult to imagine life without it. Even inspite of their heavy use, most of us still hold many misconceptions about air conditioners and believe in many myths related to them. It is important that we have a clear understanding about these appliances and also about their repairs so that no error occurs during the process. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 4 most common myths about ACs and AC repairs which is given as follows:

1. Lowering down the thermostat will cool the house more quickly

The first and most common myth related to ACs and AC repairs is that lowering down the thermostat leads to cooling of the house much more quickly. In reality, turning the thermostat to a lower value does not make the AC cool quicker since the appliance works at a single speed. If you feel that the house is not getting any cooler then it may be due to some other fault and you may need to call your AC repair shop.

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2. AC maintenance isn’t important if it is cooling the house properly

Like any other electrical appliance, an AC too needs regular maintenance, cleaning and servicing. Lack of maintenance can damage its internal machinery, no matter how effectively it may seem to be working. Even if the AC is cooling the house sufficiently well, you must get it cleaned or serviced atleast once in a year. Regular maintenance lowers repair costs and makes it work more smoothly.

Regular AC maintenance is very important

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3. Bigger air conditioners provide more cooling

Most people think that the concept of ‘the bigger the better’ holds true in the case of an air conditioner. But it is important to remember that the air conditioner must have a size that is fit for the area it is supposed to cool. If you buy an AC which is too big for a given room size then you not only have to pay more but other factors such as demudification, air leakage and others may not work perfectly. ACs that fit the room properly may also run more than those that don’t.

ac myths


4. If fans are installed properly, then the need for AC reduces

A lot of people believe that fans and coolers can replace the cooling of an air conditioner but this is false. It is true that both fans and coolers have their own importance and are still used in most households, but an air conditioner provides a more long lasting cooling and just cannot be replaced.

Fans cannot replace ACsImage Credits: Wikimedia Commons

5. Its better to leave AC on all the time rather than turning it on and off

Another myth related to Air conditioners is that it is better to leave them turned on all the time rather than turning them on and off as and when you leave the house and come back again. It is always a better idea to use the AC only when required as leaving it turned on for long durations can damage it. Moreover the more the usage, the more will be the running costs and thus prove to be an expensive affair for you.


6. Buying an energy efficient Air conditioners will help drop the bill down

It is true that energy efficient ACs help to save on the energy costs but this is only true if you purchase the right size and unit for your house. Moreover you must follow energy saving habits to ensure that you can save on the energy costs. For example it is a good idea to turn the thermostat down when you leave the house and also use the Air conditioner only when required etc.

AC myths

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Now that you know the top 5 common myths related to air conditioners and their repair work, you must keep these in mind when buying an AC or getting it repaired. The more clarity that you have, the better will you be able to run and repair these useful appliances.

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    I think It is always a better idea to use the AC only when required as leaving it turned on for long durations can damage it. Moreover the more the usage, the more will be the running costs and thus prove to be an expensive affair for you.

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