Quick solutions for a leaking air conditioner

air conditioner leakage
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Is your air conditioner leaking water? Well worry not since this is a common problem with ACs.  Infact you will be surprised to know that almost 80-90% of the air conditioner service calls are related to leaks. However it is not always necessary to call a service technician to get this problem resolved since there are many quick solutions for a leaking air conditioner.  If not treated on time, it could lead to a bigger damage as well. Thus for your reference, we have listed some quick fixes which would be of help.

1. Check for an overflow pan

The most common cause of a leaking air conditioner is an overflowing pan.  This can be easily detected by using a flashlight.  Check each corner for possible leaks or damage due to water.  If there are any small holes that you notice in the pan, then you can use an epoxy glue to cover them. However it is best to replace the pan if it is very damaged.

2. Check for a clogged filter

Another reason that your air conditioner might be leaking is due to a clogged filter. If you wish to avoid this situation then you must change the air filter on a frequent basis.  If the filter gets dirty, you must replace it. Ideally, the filter must be changed every two months. What happens is that if the filter gets dirty then it results in formation of ice on the evaporator’s coils.  So when the ice melts, the unit leaks.

clogged AC filter

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3. Check for stopped up condensate line

One of the main causes for a leaking air conditioner is a stopped up condensate line.  The condensate line is designed to drain the condensation from the overflow pan to the exterior or to the drainpipe.  But in some cases, the line may become clogged up and may stop working. So in such cases, the water backs up and tends to flood the overflow pan.  So check whether there is a blockage in the line and try to clear it every once in a while. There are many ways to clear the condensate line. You can either suck the stuck items using a wet or dry vacuum or use a product which is known as the mighty pump.

While it is true that the above given quick solutions for a leaking air conditioner work well. But not everyone may be able to follow them. For such individuals, calling a technician for AC repairs is the best options. There is no dearth of air conditioner service technicians around you and you can easily find the best one by searching online or asking friends or neighbours. Make sure that you get your air conditioner serviced regularly during summer months to avoid experiencing any problems such as leakage.

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