Mistakes to avoid with an air conditioner

Taking care of your Air conditioner

Air conditioners are expensive investments. You must use them correctly and avoid the common mistakes to maximize the return on this investment. An air conditioner will work with its maximum efficiency when you use it correctly. This will cool your house and reduce the monthly utility bills.

Common mistakes to avoid with an air conditioner while using and installing it are:

Purchase & Installation Mistakes

  • Buying the wrong size: It is recommended that the size of air conditioner should be in-accordance with the room size. But usually there is a wrong notion that bigger sized ACs cool the room faster. In reality, an over-sized AC turns on-off quickly reaching the cycle. This frequent on-off effects the compressor of the AC. On the other hand, an under sized AC as per room size has to work longer and harder to cool the room. This increase the monthly utility bills.
  • Incorrect Installation: The AC should be installed in such a way that that rear end is an inch lower than the front end. This helps in proper water drainage. But many times this essential requirement is missed by the installer and results in water leakage from front and sides.
  • Incorrect AC positioning: This is another common mistakes that is usually made during AC installation. Location of AC in your home has a great impacts its cooling efficiency. It should be installed at a shady spot where there is less direct sunlight. The spot should also be well ventilated so that outgoing hot air can dissipate properly. Also see that there are no plants or shrubs covering the outer unit.

Operational Mistakes

  • Running AC 24/7 : Making your AC work full day long without break decreases its operational efficiency in long run. The AC components have to work all day long to keep your home cool. Turn off the AC when your room temperature becomes cool and comfortable. This will also reduce your utility bills.
  • Lower the temperature faster the cooling : No this not correct. You should keep the thermostat setting to a temperature which is not much lower than the outside room temperature. The more the temperature difference the harder the AC compressor has to work to make the room temperature comfortable. The correct way is to set the thermostat at a temperature that is closer to the room temperature. And once the temperature is down to comfortable point, then further reduce the temperature to what you want. This simple means that you should not set the temperature too low like 16/17 degrees Celsius as soon as you turn on the AC.
  • Letting outside air gush inside room: Shut the doors and windows and seal the air leakage when the AC is cooling your room. When the room is not closed, warm air gushes inside making it difficult for your AC to keep the room cool and humidity outside. In such conditions AC has to work hard putting pressure on compressor. So always keep your room closed when AC is on.

Maintenance Related Mistakes

  • Poor maintenance habit: Avoiding and missing the AC service can kill your AC. Though ACs are rugged by structure but they require at least one complete service per year. The filters, coils, fins, compressor, fan, drains etc. get clogged and covered by dust and dirt over time which reduces their efficiency to perform respective functions. Between the professional service you should also take care of few things like cleaning air filters, removing dirt and debris from the coil fins using a fin brush.
  • Calling unprofessional service provider: An unprofessional AC service provider can damage your AC. Do not make the mistake of calling any Tom, Dick and Harry for your AC service. Always call the AC specialist and professional for any small or big repair.

It is necessary to keep in mind the above mistakes to avoid with an air conditioner while using your AC. Avoiding the mistakes and practicing the right method of operation will give you an efficient AC and small monthly utility bills.

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