Waterproof your home during the rainy season

waterproof your home
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The rainy season is quickly approaching and one must be geared up to secure their home from the moisture and water damage. At this time of the year, it is important to waterproof your home and other properties so that you don’t have to bear the brunt of everything bad that comes with the good monsoons. Water can cause various kinds of damages such as fungus, leaking walls and furniture damage etc. This is why we have brought you a few tips to waterproof your home during the rainy season.

1. Keep all the carpets rolled away

The first thing to do before the rainy season hits is to keep all the carpets of the house rolled away.  If the carpets come in contact with water, they will get damp and can also develop a certain smell.  Water also tends to damage carpets in some case and hence it is best to keep them rolled away.  Make sure you air them out once you keep them away for the season.

keep carpets rolled away

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons


2. Make sure there are no loose wires in the house

Another tip to waterproof your home during the rainy season is to ensure no loose wires around the house. Unattended or faulty wires can come in contact of moisture and this may lead to short circuits and currents. This can further cause injury which makes them dangerous. This is why it is best to check for loose wires and fix them properly.

3. Check that the drains are clean and maintained

Rains can clog the drains in and around the house. This is why it is advisable that you check them beforehand and make sure they are clean and maintained. Water clogged drains not only pose risk of spreading of diseases but also smell and cause other problems.

4. Use a high quality cleaning agent for the floor

Another tip to follow to waterproof your home during rains is to clean the floors using a high quality cleaning agent. This is important because we tend to come to the house from rains outside and this can cause dirt and germs to stick on the floor. A good cleaning agent will prevent mosquitoes and bugs etc to get attracted to the dirt on the floor and will keep them away.

5. Change the linen in the house every alternate week

make sure you change and clean the linen in the house every alternate week. During rainy season, the linen can get moistened and hence spoiled. Thus changing them in quick intervals is a good idea. Make sure you wash the previous ones and let them dry completely before using them again.

Now that you know some ways to waterproof your home during the rainy season, you wont have to face any problems that come along with rains. Follow these tips properly and see how it changes things for you as compared to the last rainy season.


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