Tired of weak toilet flush at home? Follow these tips

How to fix a weak toilet flush
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The low water pressure in the toilet flush is a common plumbing problem. To address this weak toilet flush issue, you do not always need a plumber. Certain toilet issues can be fixed at home by employing some tricks. As a first remedy, you can try checking the tank, as often the problem is with the tank unable to deposit enough water. Sometimes the problem is with the toilet rim which you can clean with regular home cleaning products. But if there is a serious problem that causes blockage of water then dropping hydrochloric acid is a great solution.Here is how to fix a weak toilet flush all by yourself-

Checking the tank is a primary solution to weak toilet flush

The weak toilet flush problem occurs when either the bowl is unable to fill water or unable to drain it out. When it is not flushing out enough water, that means it is a serious clogging and it should be removed. Otherwise, if the bowl is not filling enough water then it will be solved by simply checking the tank.

Checking the tank is a primary solution to weak toilet flush

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Now put the tank cover out

Sometimes defects in the chain in the water tank can also cause weak toilet flush. To treat this, carefully take out the tank cover and keep it on the floor. The tank cover is there above in the toilet flush handle which you can easily locate. Now check is there any defects in the chain, which connects the flushing handle and the flapper. If you do not know what is the flapper, then it is a kind of thing that made from either plastic or rubber located near the valve. The valve is there at the bottom of the tank.

Now put the tank cover out

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If the chain is defective, then it can be a cause of slow toilet flush. It should be placed in such a way that it is loose enough so that the flapper sits in proper position over the valve. But at the same time, it should be tight as well so that it can lift the flapper easily whenever we use the flushing handle. All you should do is adjust the chain as it is described and you will get rid of this weak toilet flush problemWhile adjusting it, you may need to touch the water in the tank. So, wash your hands to be safe from any bacterial attack.

Dishwasher soap and a drain cleaner to clean the clog

You can put a bucket of hot water in the toilet bowl. The hot water has the capacity to dissolve any clog that is causing the slow flow of water into the toilet flush. Do not flush the hot water out, let it be in the bowl for some time. After that, you get a quality drain cleaner from the market and put it into the bowl.

Dishwasher soap and a drain cleaner to clean the clog

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Read the instructions carefully before using it. Because certain products are not safe to apply in ceramics, and at the same time you will need some safety equipment’s for that, for example, a glove or a brush. A few of the drain cleaners will need instant flushing while some of them you can flush out immediately and treat slow toilet flush.

Clean the overflow pipe

There is an overflow pipe located in the toilet tank in an upright position, and it has small tube where you can put some dishwashing liquid for cleaning it. After putting the dishwashing liquid, you should wait for 10 minutes time, allow it to go into the overflow pipe sot hat it washes out everything and your weak toilet flush problem will no longer there.

Now it is time to flush the toilet

Flushing the toilet will allow the water to pass through the pipes in the tank and then the holes situated under the toilet rim. The dishwashing liquid can throw out any clog or other deposits in the drain and will improve the flow of water. The slow water pressure in the toilet flush will disappear.

How to fix a weak toilet flush with muriatic acid

Another option is that you can take out the tank cover and insert a plastic pipe into the overflow tube. The opening of the plastic pipe should be large so that water can pass through easily. Never use a metal pipe otherwise the chemicals will spoil it. It will develop rust. Now you can pour muriatic acid through the plastic pipe so that it can reach to the holes located in the toilet bowl rim and flush them out.

How to fix a weak toilet flush with muriatic acid

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Do not put large amounts of muriatic acid otherwise it can be dangerous, as they might start splashing acid. Now cover the bowl, do not use the entire seat to cover it up. This will help the acidic fumes to release outside and do not spread in the bathroom. Allow the acid to remain in the toilet for 24 hours, so you should keep the bathroom door closed. This acid will remove any cog deposited in the bowl.

Finally, you turn on the water that goes into the toilet flush and allows eater pass freely into the bowls. There will be no blockage and the water pressure will improve.

Precautions to be taken while using hydrochloric acid

While using this acid to treat weak toilet flush, you must wear a mask, gloves in both hands and a spectacle for the protection of your eyes, along with an apron and rubber boots to protect your feet as well. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated, put on the exhaust fan.

Precautions to be taken while using hydrochloric acid

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First turn off the tap that carries water to the toilet flush. Make sure the toilet bowl is empty, you can use a spoon to remove the water. This helps the acid to reach deep inside the bowl. It will reach the jet hole which is located at the deep down the toilet bowl and many times certain particles get deposited in this spot which causes a slow flush of water.

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