Storm Damage Restoration: Everything You Need to Know

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and storms, can cause significant damage to homes. With homes being huge investments, you should take necessary precautions to ensure they withstand the aftereffects of a storm. However, there may be times when your storm-proofing efforts won’t be enough with the intensity of the storms we encounter today.

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In such a case, storm damage restoration is your only solution. Storm damage restoration is repairing and restoring your property following a storm event. 

What To Expect During Storm Damage Restoration

Here are the common problems that arise during storm damage restoration.

Roofing Damage

Roofing damage is one of the most common issues following a storm event. High winds, heavy rain, hail, and falling debris can all cause roof damage. This damage can include missing or damaged shingles, cracks in the roof, and even total roof collapse. 

Assess the extent of the damage. Have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof. They can identify if you may need to buy replacement roofing materials. Address roofing damage immediately to prevent further damage and potential safety hazards.

Electrical Issues

Another common issue following a storm event is electrical damage. Lightning strikes, power surges, and downed power lines can all cause electrical issues in your home or business. This includes blown fuses, tripped breakers, damaged wiring, and even electrical fires.

If you experience any electrical issues following a storm, turn off the power to your property and contact a licensed electrician immediately. Electrical issues can be incredibly dangerous and should only be handled by a professional.

Plumbing Concerns

Plumbing problems can occur after a storm due to excess water entering the plumbing system. Heavy rain and flooding can cause water to enter the sewage system. This can lead to clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and sewer backups.

Heavy rains can also cause soil erosion, shifting the ground around pipes and potentially causing them to become dislodged or even break. Falling debris during a storm, such as trees or large branches, can damage plumbing lines and cause leaks or blockages.

Prolonged power outages can lead to sump pumps stopping, causing basement flooding and other plumbing issues.

Addressing Storm Damage Issues

After a storm, here’s what you should do. 

Contact the Insurance Company

The first course of action is to contact your insurance company. They can guide what steps to take next and what your policy covers. Document the damage with photos and keep all receipts for repairs and replacement items.

Work With a Restoration Company

Once you’ve contacted your insurance company, working with a professional restoration company is important. They can assess the damage and provide recommendations for repair or replacement.

A reputable restoration company will have experience dealing with storm damage. They know the insurance company requirements and what works are covered under your homeowner’s insurance. 

More importantly, they will also have the equipment and expertise necessary to safely and effectively restore your property.

Key Takeaways

Storm damage restoration can be a complex and stressful process. But it’s something you should deal with as soon as possible. 

Keep the following in mind:

  • Storm damage can vary greatly depending on the storm’s severity, the property’s location, and the building materials used.
  • Common issues following a storm event include roofing damage, electrical issues, and plumbing concerns.
  • Contact your insurance company and work with a professional restoration company.
  • Addressing storm damage right after prevents further damage and potential safety hazards.
  • Licensed professionals should only handle electrical issues and plumbing concerns.
  • Choosing a reputable restoration company with experience in storm damage restoration is key to ensuring safe and effective repairs.

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