Tips to Build an Energy-Efficient Container Home

Living debt-free would be a dream come true for many people. Major expenses in life keep people from realizing this potential, such as the purchase of a home. With container living, your home can become a beautiful oasis that will not break the bank or incur large amounts of debt. Living the life you dream of is possible with container living.

A container home is a residence made from a shipping container. In recent years, this movement has gained momentum and now a large following of people have chosen to purchase and renovate shipping containers as houses. The initial cost is much less than a traditional home and the possibilities are endless.

Glass Railing on the Balcony

Shipping containers might seem rustic, but by adding a few modern elements, your home can truly shine among others. A popular design for this style of home is to add a loft area for extra space and supplemental natural lighting. Part of the beauty of a loft is the optional addition of a balcony, where you can transform your space into something truly personal.

Highlight your balcony area with a sleek glass railing that will bring more light and scenery to your home. Sitting up on the deck portion of the container home, you’ll be able to watch wildlife scurry, see the sunrise in full form, and enjoy the changing seasons. A glass railing balcony removes the obstructions of wood railings and requires no sealant to protect it from the elements. 

Add a Small Patio Area

Just as a balcony will add to the beauty of your home, a patio area is sure to increase appeal. Patios are versatile and highly customizable to your liking. You may enjoy plenty of colorful flowers and the overall feel of a country cottage style home. Or you might choose a simplistic, greenery design with various bushes and minimal décor. Adding these elements to your patio space will enhance the feel and atmosphere, as well as create an inviting space for guests. 

The patio is also an extended living area that makes a shipping container home feel larger than its initial footprint. By bringing the outdoors into your living area, you’re widening your environment and living closer to nature. Not only will your quality of life grow, but also will the ability to live debt-free increase as you utilize more of what nature has to offer.

Incorporate Heavy Curtains for Privacy

Shipping container homes are known for their beautiful, large windows and natural lighting. The more window space you have, the less you will need to use electricity to light your area. This adds to your debt-free living future. Keep the privacy with replacing a window and simply adding heavy curtains. With an array of design choices, from color to fabric to pattern, your curtains can blend seamlessly alongside the rest of your décor and provide the desired protection for you and your family.

Complement Your Space with Live Plants

Living in a small space might seem as though your décor options are limited. Adding plants to your space can resolve this and improve air quality when the weather does not allow for open windows. Small plants can offer your home color and shape so that the smaller living area does not feel redundant. Certain plants have multiple purposes as well. Utilize an herb garden by the kitchen window so that cooking is more flavorful and fun. Add an aloe plant in the bathroom to heal burns and scratches. Ivy is a beautiful vine that can trail along with trimmed areas overhead and add lush green hues to your interior decoration. 

Utilize Insulated Floor Tiles for Energy Efficiency

The floor of your home will certainly go through plenty of wear and tear over time. Investing in quality floor tiles will help your container home be more appealing and energy efficient for years to come. Floor tiles are available in many patterns and designs and offer an array of benefits. One top benefit is that they are installed by clicking together like a puzzle. That means that if some become damaged, you only need to replace the tiles in question and not the entire floor. This saves money and time down the road.

Some of these insulated floor tiles are waterproof and scratch-resistant. This means that they are safe to be used in the kitchen and bathroom where spills and liquid messes are common. The carpeted tiles are also useful in areas like the bedroom and possibly the loft area. The carpet is soft and cozy in cooler months and prevents the cold air beneath the container home from rising up into the living space.

Integrate Double Pane Windows to Save Energy 

Creating a truly pleasing lifestyle by living in a container home is possible with the use of double pane windows. These windows are sturdier than traditional single pane windows, and they offer easily replacing insulated window glass. In the summer, cooling your home can cost a lot depending on where you live. The same is true for warming your place during the cold months of the winter. Using windows that create insulation, while still allowing the natural light from the outdoors to shine through, will reduce your costs of living while permitting you to enjoy your natural surroundings. 

Efficient Lighting for Night Decoration

Complete your shipping container home by adding beautiful lights to your outdoor space for enjoying bright outdoor dinners. The glass railing balcony would look captivating with a set of energy-efficient fairy lights around the perimeter. Likewise, your patio at night would sit aglow with warm-toned lighting on each corner and near the door. These lights can be powered by solar consumption, greatly reducing electricity costs. 

In the End! 

Living in a shipping container home is one great way to create a debt-free life. By utilizing quality products and accessories in it and through proper floor tiles for insulation, you can achieve an energy efficient home abounding with beauty.

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