Home Office Ideas: How to Work from Home Enjoyably

Working from home allows a great deal of flexibility and freedom to curve your schedule and improve on the work-life balance. It also allows you to save money on commute expenses. In addition, working in a customized office increases happiness and hence productivity.

However, working in isolation poses some challenges as well. If you are to reap these benefits, you need to devise ways to make working from home effective. Ensure that you maintain a regular schedule, exercise regularly and maintain communication with your family and colleagues. Taking breaks between work is also a great way to re-energize and improve your focus. You can, for instance, take a walk around the block or take a coffee break in your kitchen. Consider a kitchen remodeling to upgrade your kitchen, and have it act as your break room. Besides, it can also act as an alternative workspace to break the monotonous of working from your home office.

In addition to that, here are clever ideas to incorporate in your home office for an enjoyable time working from home.

Add more lighting

Working in a poorly lit environment has a detrimental effect on your mood, spirits, and energy levels. You will find yourself struggling through tasks, negatively affecting your productivity. In addition, straining to see things can cause you headaches that can lead to other serious issues.

When choosing a room for your home office, consider one that lets in a good amount of natural light. If there is none, consider adding a window or enlarging the existing ones. Don’t worry if any of the above is impossible, you can always add artificial lighting to improve the illumination in the office.

Paint the walls

Colors speak volume about a space. For instance, red, yellow, and orange create a warm environment. However, they can be a distraction in an office environment due to their boldness. Opt for neutral tones to tone down space. Alternatively, go for blue, green, or purple to create a calm effect in the office.


As they say, crumpled spaces equal crumpled minds. You will have a hard time powering through tasks, especially the mind-involving ones if you work in a place full of clutter. In addition, the thought of scrambling through piles of items looking for something is enough to have you abandon the task at hand.

Create enough storage spaces in your office to help you organize your supplies. If you are limited on space, utilize the vertical space by installing overhead cabinets.

Add plants

Being around plants has a way of calming the mind, lifting the moods and energy levels. In addition, plants remove toxins from the air, allowing you to breathe in clean air. Jobs can be stressful at times; the relaxing effect of plants is an effective stress reliever in these situations. In addition, you will have increased focus and alertness when your mind is calm and clear. A plant is also capable of sparking inspiration for creativity, essential for your productivity.

Consider having a plant or two in your home office or just office in general. A plant can also be a friend, choose one that you can relate to, and one that excites you. If your office or home office does not get enough natural sunlight exposure, you can get a LED grow light that will compensate for the lack of sunlight, and will also further stimulate the growth of your plants.

Have an ergonomic setup

Using a dining chair in your office or placing your laptop on your laps can be a temporary solution especially when you are on a budget. However, working this way for a prolonged period of time can hurt your back and neck. It won’t take long before you start dreading working from these positions.

Give your back and neck a break by investing in an ergonomic chair and a proper office desk. The height of your chair should allow you to rest your feet on the floor or a footrest, while your thighs remain parallel to the floor. The chair should also support your back, without slouching. In addition, it should have good armrests to support your arms. Place your computer such that the screen is at your eye level to avoid straining your neck.


Putting in the time and effort in creating the right home office ambiance is a good start in creating a dedicated workspace with fewer distractions. Your productivity stands to increase when you can focus and power through tasks uninterrupted. In addition to the above ideas, make your work enjoyable by choosing an easy-to-clean flooring or rug as well as adding some artwork or family portraits.

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