Easy DIY Decorations for Autumn/Fall

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Autumn is a season of beautiful colors and cooler temperatures, signs that it is time to keep warm and prepare the home for winter. DIY projects not only transforming your homes, but also showcase your artistic and creative talents while creating an inviting space for you and your family. Let us look at some Easy DIY Decorations for Autumn/Fall here.

Easy DIY Decorations for Autumn/Fall That Make a Difference
• Drapes
As days become shorter and nights get longer, temperatures also begin to go down. To keep the heat inside the house, drapes should be heavier and thicker to hold back draughts from coming in. If making your own curtains, choose colors that are autumnal such as rust, yellow or orange. They not only insulate the living space, but also brighten a room.
• Natural Décor
Autumn is synonymous with pumpkins, squashes and gourds. Use them as décor in the living room, entrance of the house, dining room, kitchen and yard. Get a flat basket and scatter some leaves on them and adorn with small squashes. You can also add corn husks and wheat stalks.
• Efficient Lighting
Light plays a big role in creating the right ambience in your home. With less natural light passing through your windows, you need more lighting to illuminate a room. As energy costs are quite prohibitive, LED lighting is an attractive option for homeowners. Not only is LED energy saving and efficient, remarkable breakthroughs in the lighting area mean that your choices of colors and light levels are bigger. To prep your home for autumn, install LED lights in strategic places such as the living, dining, kitchen and bedroom.
• Blooms
Flowers can change the look of a room dramatically. Take advantage of flowers that are abundant during fall such as chrysanthemums, dahlias, asters and hydrangeas. Make your own flower arrangement and use non-traditional materials such as corn husks and wheat to complement blooms.
• Centerpieces
There is an abundance of beautiful and bright leaves that fall to the ground during autumn. Make use of these and put a bunch on a plate or basket. You can also add nuts with the leaves for a different effect.
• Votive Candles
Use leaves as coasters for votive candles that are not only pretty, but also safe as you limit the chances of forgetting to snuff them out. For a dramatic effect, you can tie an autumn leaf around your votive candle.
From traditional to non-traditional materials, there are plenty of creative ways to transform your home for autumn converting it into a snug and cozy living space.

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