Top Considerations Before You Build A Fence

There’s nothing like a fence to spruce up a property, add privacy, enhance security and improve overall curb appeal. The only challenge? Not all fences are created equal. You can’t expect every fence to provide the same benefits to all types of yards. The fact is, different spaces require various styles, materials and entrances. This means, if you pick the right combination, you get to reap all the benefits. Yet if you pick the wrong one, you could end up regretting your choice.

When you’re considering fencing options and trying to choose wisely, how can you make the best decision? Think about your goals and compare those with the various fencing possibilities.

To learn more about key considerations before building a fence, review the accompanying checklist — made to help you determine which type of fence is right for you!


About the author

Chris Buenz is owner of First Fence Companyin Chicago, Illinois. With more than 18 years of experience in both fencing and sales, Buenz is well-versed in the Chicago-area business market. 

Top Considerations Before You Build A Fence from First Fence Company

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    Check with your local municipality or homeowner’s association to understand any regulations infinite craft or codes governing fence construction. These may include restrictions on fence height, materials, setback requirements, and obtaining permits.

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