Do’s and Don’ts in Decorating Living Room


The living room is perhaps the most significant part of the house, especially when decorating. It’s the area where you accommodate your loved ones and visitors, and it’s where most families tend to spend more time together to catch-up.

Decorating the living room can be significantly fun and exciting, but nerve-racking and scary as well. There are lots of mistakes that any homeowner can make that can result in having a home seem small, awkward, and weird.  Of course, nobody wants that to happen.

Thus, it’s of the utmost importance to know a couple of decorating rules to follow and avoid. To make your home look grand, beautiful, and luxe, read the guide below.

Do Understand the Mathematics of Decorating Living Room

Have you ever wondered how high or how low your wall art is? How about the space needed to vacate between your coffee table and couch? Or else remove wall between kitchen and living room before and after will give a great look to your living area. Sure, you have. Even the experts need a constant reminder of the vital rules of decorating.

When it comes to lighting, the living room necessitates a collection of different sorts of lighting, all arranged at various levels around the room. The optimal height of a floor lamp is about 68 inches whether you’re standing or in a seated position.

For wall sconces, the minimum height is 60 inches, while the distance between the edge of a mirror or wall art and a wall sconce is about 3 to 6 inches. The space between the lowest part of the fixture from the floor should be 7 inches.

When arranging the pieces of furniture, the optimal space between the coffee table and the couch is 18 inches. On the other hand, the optimal space between a piece of furniture and the wall is 36 inches. For the color and pattern, it’s difficult to name specific rules. As such, it’s where you can truly trust your instincts.

Don’t Let a Single Person Tell you what and what not to do

It’s your home, your place, and your sanctuary. So, you have all the control over what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Don’t let anyone tell you what to decorate. You’ll find more satisfaction when you design and create your own.

However, it’s not a bad idea to ask someone for their opinion, especially if you’re indecisive and doubtful. Always remember that you have the last say, meaning it’s up to you if you follow it or not. You know your home more than they do, so you’ll know what to decorate and what not to decorate. Trust your instincts if possible.

Do Hang Draperies Wide and High on a Window

There’s a complete art when it comes to hanging drapes and curtains in your home. But you should consider the place you’ll put them because where you place the drapes and curtains can do all the wonders of making your home look aesthetically beautiful and grand, or narrow and awkward.

It is important to hang the drapes and curtains as high as imaginable on the wall so that your living space will appear taller. You can also opt to hang them as wide as possible, so when you open the curtains, they’ll be able to cover the first inches of the window. In this way, you’ll make your room seem larger and wider as well. You can even explore a range of VisionBedding to go with the your bedroom style.

Don’t Be Boring

Decorating isn’t daunting and scary all the time. It can be as fun as you can imagine as well. With that said, don’t always stick with the same things. Symmetrical pattern, for example, builds a sense of calm and order. However, too much of that can make a living space feel passive and static.

As such, don’t be boring, shake things up. Be creative. If the arrangement of your furniture is symmetrical, then you can opt to hang some wall arts asymmetrically. Alternatively, you opt not to let your wall arts do all the symmetry.

Do Invest in a Good-quality Sofa


Do purchase the best quality couch, but make sure that you can afford to buy it. A good-quality sofa is an excellent investment that you would want to last. As such, keep in mind that a couch of average quality can last up to 10 years. However, a high-end couch can last up to 25 years.


For sure, decorating is a fun but scary task for some, especially when it comes to decorating the living room. Fortunately, some decorating rules can help you make your home look beautiful and grand. Take note that they exist not to sway you but to guide you.

From knowing the basic mathematics of decorating to buying a good-quality sofa, rest assured that you’ll create a living room that’s amusing and pleasing to the eye. You can scour any online stores like BlackMango to look for the essential furniture.

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