How to fix a robot vacuum cleaner at home?

Fix a robot vacuum cleaner
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Even if the new-age robot vacuum cleaners are the future of housekeeping, these tiny little moving pets are still subject to get maintenance checks. You can simply follow these steps to know how to fix robot cleaner at home-

How to check problem in robot vacuum cleaner?

There may be certain technical anomalies in different models, but the working mechanism and shape are still the same. Talking much on it, getting to the core of what is actually making the trouble is not that tough.

You can simply diagnose the battery, filters, brush, and sensors with other outer accessories on it.

1. Battery

On the off chance that your robot vacuum includes a controller that isn’t working, it may require new batteries. In the event that the robovac itself isn’t turning on, or is requiring more normal re-charging, you may have to supplant the battery in the unit. It’s prescribed to buy a rechargeable battery from a similar brand the unit is from.

Normally, the battery is situated in the robot vacuum debris compartment. To find this, eliminate the residue box and unlatch the front of the battery compartment. You may be needed to haul the links out and push a hook to deliver the battery. When the old battery is taken out, embed the enhanced one, guaranteeing it fits properly then refit the cover.

2. Clean the side Brushes

robot vacuum cleaner side brushes and cleaning filter
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Most robot vacuums include two versatile side brushes to catch dust. It’s critical to clean the side brushes as they can turn out to be messy over the long run and cause the vacuum to work less efficiently.

  1. Remove the brushes by first pressing them inside and then rotate them (Similar to how you remove an incandescent bulb).
  2. Check if the bearings on the brush holder are rusted or broken. If broken then it’s better to replace the brushes.
  3. The side brushes of a robot vacuum cleaner usually collect the long strains of hair and other debris. As a result, They are prone to get clogged and stop moving. Hence, remove the dirt on the side brushes rollers. This will help you to troubleshoot and fix the vacuum cleaner.

If you want to achieve the best cleaning, it’s better advised to replace the brushes twice a year.

3. Check the Roller Brush to fix the robot vacuum cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner roller brush

If your cleaner has stopped cleaning or leaving some dirt behind, it is due to the main roller brush. It is the most important fragment in the entire mechanism of removing dirt from the floors and other surfaces.

  1. Remove the side brushes in order to reach the roller brush holders.
  2. Detach the roller brush and check if any dirt is choking the rolling cylinder ends.
  3. If the roller setup is broken or the brushes are rugged, it is recommended to replace the roller brush.

To maintain the good life of your robot vacuum cleaner and better cleaning. You should replace the roller brush once a year anyway.

4. Remove the dirt from the filter

In the event that the vacuum gives off an impression of being dead, it very well may be because of a broken engine, which can be brought about by obstructed filter. The filter compartment is normally situated in the residue box.

  1. Turn the cleaner upside down and remove the cover.
  2. Turn the filter unit from the residue box and remove it.
  3. Clean the filter with the filter brush/tool (if available), otherwise use a microfibre cloth with gentle hands.
Our Pick

Here are the top recommendations for a complete makeover for your robovac-

5. Clean the sensors of cleaner

Most self-cleaners highlight sensors to ensure they don’t tumble down the steps. In the event that the sensors are dusty, they probably won’t work accurately. To clean the sensor, just turn the robot vacuum over and utilize a dry cotton fleece bud, cautiously eliminating any earth.

The sensor might be situated close to the wheels, anyway, it very well may be in an alternate area relying upon your model. You may have to allude to the manual in case you can’t find it.

6. Unblock the wheels

A smart gadget with self-driven wheels is this device’s key feature. in order to fix a robot vacuum cleaner, you must check if any of the wheels is broken or smoothened. If that’s the case, replacing the wheel is the best solution. Or else, your favorite house-help won’t move freely.

7. Charger can fix a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

robot vacuum cleaner charger
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It may sound odd but it’s true. The charger of a robovac majorly influences its performance and life. A damaged charger may harm the battery or the circuits inside the cleaner. Hence, it is highly advised to check if the robovac is getting the right power from an efficient source.

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