6 Ways to Stop Burglary at Your Home

6 Ways to Stop Burglary at Your Home

A home must be secured from all of the possible threats, and it must be the most peaceful place on earth. If your home security is at risk, then you cannot do anything with peace of mind. Everyone tries to secure their family, but sometimes they fail. It happens when you are not making the right choices for the security of your home. But you don’t need to worry now because I will tell you about everything you need to know about the burglary and housebreak.

It has been seen that housebreakers break into the house to steal valuables, and they even hurt people while doing it. However, making your house secure and safe from burglars is easy now. There are different gadgets which are being used by people for home security. I’m going to tell you about some ways you can stop a burglary at your home. This following information can be very beneficial for you and your family.

1. Install Security Cameras

6 Ways to Stop Burglary at Your Home

Installing security cameras at your place will be a great way to make your house secure because you can monitor everything around your house. If someone tries to break into your house, you will be able to notice them. Even if you are not home and housebreakers are trying to break in, your CCTV camera will notify you on your smartphone. All you have to do is to buy a security camera which can be connected to the internet and motion sensors. The motion sensors can detect any unexpected activity, and they can send the signal to the CCTV cameras, these cameras will notify you immediately. You can easily watch security camera footage on your smartphone. Moreover, you can also purchase sound recording security cameras as well. These cameras allow you to listen to audio with video. 

However, if the security cameras have notified you about the burglary, you can instantly inform your local authorities, and they will deal with the burglars. You should know that installing security cameras at your home can be very beneficial. There are different types of CCTV cameras available, and you will not be able to tell the difference between them. However, comparing CCTV video resolution of two separate security cameras will help you to choose the best.

2. Buy a Smart Lock

6 Ways to Stop Burglary at Your Home

A smart lock is an excellent choice for you because it cannot be broken easily. Moreover, you can unlock this with your fingerprint. I’ve seen some people who hide their keys under the mat or in a flowerpot. And now everyone knows where everyone hides their keys, and the housebreakers realize it too. You should consider a new smart lock for your front door because almost every burglar breaks into a house through the front door.

There are different types of smart locks you can find online, and every smart lock has distinct features. For instance, some smart locks have hidden cameras. Whenever some unauthorized person tries to unlock the door, a smart lock provides you with a picture of them. This is a very reliable gadget since hundreds of people have used it in the US, and they are quite positive about these smart locks. If you are not convinced enough, then you can watch YouTube videos in which professionals are reviewing smart locks. They will tell you that if you want to make your home secure from burglary, then you should consider buying one of these smart locks.

3. Set Timers Indoor

You can make your house safe from thieves when you are home, but what if you are on vacation? In this case, you will need timers for radio, television and lights. A timer can switch on the sun on a particular time without any assistance. And your house won’t be in the darkness even if you are away. There are some studies which show that the majority of the homes are robbed during summers when people go on vacation. Since there is no one to switch on the lights and the burglars can notice that there is no one home, this is how they come to know that they can break into the house. Putting a timer on the lights will help you to make your house safe, and you can enjoy your vacation in peace.

4. Install Wireless Glass-Break Sensors

It is one of the things that every house must be equipped with because it can save someone’s life. Some burglars are more dangerous than others since they are armed sometimes. These housebreakers loot the house on the gunpoint. There are some cases filed which show that people have lost their lives fighting armed burglars. It has been seen that armed burglars often break window glass to break into the house. If you have wireless glass break sensor, then you should consider your family safe. Because whenever a glass is broken, the alarm system will notify you and the local authorities immediately.

5. Put warning signs:

“Beware of Dog” is one of the classic signboards you can put into making your house safe. You must have a dog as a pet, and your dog must be so playful and a ‘good boy’. But you should know that guard dogs are so vicious, and they can bite someone when they consider someone a threat. However, you don’t need to own that vicious dog. All you need to do is to put a fake sign that reads “Beware of Dog”. Anyone who is considering robbing you will not trespass.

Moreover, the package thieves will also avoid your house. This is a very simple trick that you can use to deceive bad guys. Furthermore, you can also install a security camera next to the sign, which will deter any criminal activity.

6. Buy a secure WIFI router:

6 Ways to Stop Burglary at Your Home

Some burglars hack into any WIFI, and then they harm a family. Your house must be secured from cybercriminals as well. They can steal your data, or they can even invade your privacy by hacking into your CCTV cameras.

WIFI routers provided by Internet Service Providers are not considered safe, and you should replace them with a secure WIFI router. You can easily find a secure WIFI router these days.

These are six ways to stop a burglary at your home, and you should pay attention to these. Securing your family is a crucial thing, but now you can easily make your house safe and sound.

Author Bio:

Taylor Starc is a student of software technology, in his first year at Columbia State University. His obsession with security gadgets and new technologies has made him research more and more on the respective topic. In his free time, he likes to take up writing projects to support his education. He regularly writes blogs at https://mammothsecurity.com/blog

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