6 Tips on How to Grow a Stunning Vertical Garden


Are you living in the city where there is only a little space for gardening? Indeed, a small garden space can be frustrating, but worry not, there is one good solution to your garden space problem: vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening is popular nowadays as many homeowners not only find it as an excellent way to grow plants in a limited space, but it also provides a unique way to display their plants. It can also beautify a dull wall and serve as a focal point in your outdoor area.

If you want to set up a vertical garden in your home, here are some tips that you can follow to make it top-notch.

Decide on the Style of Your Vertical Garden

You can find a variety of styles of a vertical garden. There is the pocket style vertical garden which showcases your plants in pockets made of breathable felt fabrics. Another is a container style vertical garden which displays your plants in rows of pots or planters attached to a wall.

There are also vertical gardens that you can grow in huge wooden or plastic wall planters that come with panels and slots. It is essential that you choose wisely what style of vertical garden you should have in your home for practical and aesthetic purposes.

Consider Where to Place Your Vertical Garden

The good thing about a vertical garden is that you can put it indoors or outdoors. Of course, the placement of your vertical garden will depend on the types of plants you have. If your plants need full exposure to sunlight, you should place them outdoors.

Plants that are ideal for beautifying a home interior, on the other hand, should be placed indoors. But you can find modular containers for your vertical garden that you can put outside during summer and place them indoors when winter comes.

Make a Good Choice of Plants


There is a good collection of plants that you can display in your vertical garden. Of course, the classic home plants such as succulents is an excellent choice. But you can also exhibit ferns, native perennials, trailing plants, and herbs.

Make sure that you choose plants that are flexible enough to grow in your vertical garden. Prioritize herbaceous plants over woody ones because the former are more aesthetically appealing in their “flow-down” growth.

Know the Vertical Gardening Basics

Vertical gardens dry out in the same manner as ordinary garden pots. Therefore, it is essential that you use potting soil for it. When you use potting soil, your plants will retain enough water and keep their moisture.

You also need to take account the gravity. Since water is pull down easily, you should place the plants that can make do with little water on top, and put those plants that need much water below. You can consult a professional gardener or landscaper for some help.

Mingle the Plants That Have the Similar Habit

Avoid mixing plants that do not have the same growth rate because there is a big chance that the fast-growing plants will take over the slow-growing ones. Thus, if you want to mix plants, make sure that they have the same habit.

Install a Drip Irrigation System


Since vertical gardens are more close-packed and only allow less soil, your plants need to get the necessary nutrients from the water. So, for this purpose, you need to incorporate a drip irrigation system.

A drip irrigation system will do the work of providing water to your vertical garden plants since it has advanced hoses and timers. You can find a vertical garden that comes with sophisticated drip irrigation system in sites like GStore.


A vertical garden is one good solution to your garden space problem. Aside from the fact that it allows you to grow plants in a limited space, it also helps you uniquely display your plants. But before you decide to have a vertical garden at home, you should take some cues of the tips mentioned above how to do vertical gardening.

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    A vertical garden may take several forms. The pocket design vertical garden displays your plants in compartments made of permeable quordle felt textiles. Vertical gardens, in which containers are arranged in rows, are another option.

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