Is your kitchen germ free? 7 most germ-infected items in your kitchen

Tips for deep cleaning kitchen

Most of us think that the dirtiest place in our home where germs and bacteria stubbornly linger is a bathroom. However you may be shocked to know that some of the most germ-infected items in your kitchen (that is supposed to be the cleanest room in any house), a place where you cook healthy meals for your family, and these items could have more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat.

Following are the 7 most germ-infected items in your kitchen are:

Handles of refrigerator and cabinets

Kitchen cleaning tips

How often do you clean the door handle or knob; refrigerator handle or your kitchen cabinet handle? You would be astound to know the number of harmful bacteria and germs that take shelter at these places. The amount of dirt, molds and germs these places accumulate over time is quite significant. You touch these items every day and germs lingering on them get transmitted from them to your food and body.

Solution: Wipe the handles and knobs of door, windows, refrigerator, wardrobes, cutlery cabinet once or twice a week. Antibacterial wipes are good for this type of quick cleaning. (Picture Source:

Kitchen towels

Kitchen cleaning tips

According to experts, kitchen towels could be the most germ-infested item in a house. This is because they retain moisture for a long time period allowing harmful germs to breed and survive. They are used to wipe hands and surfaces that might have come in contact with raw meat products and unwashed veggies. According to researchers towels are likely to be one of the most bacteria-ridden household item.

Solution: Wash the towels every 3-4 days with a good quality detergent and then disinfect them with an antibacterial solution. Always dry them under bright sunlight. (Picture Source:

Kitchen sponge

Kitchen cleaning service

The sponge used to wash dishes remains wet all the time and contains leftover food particles. The moisture and food particles provide breeding environment for bacteria and germs. And most of the time the same sponge is used to clean other items in kitchen like stove surface, stove knobs, slab and sink, thus spreading germs to other items as well. These sponges are oone of the most germ-infected items in your kitchen.

Solution: Ideally sponges should be replaced after one week of use. Also use one sponge for dishes and another sponge for cleaning the kitchen items to prevent cross-contamination. (Picture Source:


Tips for cleaning kitchen

Switches are the most touched but highly ignored part in any household when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Everyone in household handles them and transfer germs. It is very important to clean the switches and boards frequently.

Solution: Antibacterial wipes or alcohol wipes are good for quick cleaning the switches. (Picture Source:

Cutting board


Even the best-quality cutting boards can get scratched, creating gaps and cracks where bacteria breed and survive. Also, because cutting boards are used for a wide variety of cutting tasks, there is a high chances of cross-contamination between raw meat products and vegetables.

Solution: It is very important to routinely clean the board by cleaning it with soap and water. After washing, disinfect it with a small amount of a bleach and water solution. (Picture Source:

Stove knobs


A stove knob and a burner witness lot actions everyday like boiling milk spilling from the kettle, food crumbs hiding in the burner, dirty hand turning and twisting them, so on. When you do not wipe these spills and food particles; mold, yeast, and bacteria start growing on them and transmit diseases.

Solution: Once a week, remove the knobs and burner and wash in hot, soapy water. (Picture Source:

Condiment caps and rims

How to clean kitchen

When you pour items like sauces, ketchup, dressings, oil etc. from a bottle, sometimes a small amount of these items get spilled on the bottle or on its cap making it greasy and sticky. The greasy cap and bottle can attracts dust and germs from the air around, which then may get transferred to the food content inside.

Solution: Always wipe these sticky substance from the bottle or its cap and close the cap or lid tightly. (Picture Source:

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