How to Choose the Right Fan for Summer?

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Summer is an exciting time for many people! When the weather gets warm, it’s a great opportunity to have some fun in the sun. But, if you live in a home with old and inefficient windows or poor insulation, then summer can be miserable. You may find yourself feeling hot and sticky all day long while your house stays stuffy and uncomfortable. Luckily there are ways to make your summers more comfortable without having to spend too much money on air conditioning installation or other solutions that will cost you lots of money upfront. And one of those methods is by installing ceiling fans!

Ceiling fans are one of the best ways to stay cool in homes with high ceilings or when it is too hot outside. In this article, we’ll discuss the factors to consider before buying the best ceiling fan. If you are looking for a high-quality ceiling fan that will last for years without needing any repairs, then it’s best to do some research before purchasing one!

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Choosing a ceiling fan for your home is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including the size of the room, the available space in your room, and how much you want to spend on your new fan.

1. Size of the Room

You will require different sizes of ceiling fans according to the room size. Typically, they are available in four varying sizes: small, medium, large, and great. 

The selection can differ according to the size of the room. The following table can help you understand segregation in a better manner.

Room Size (in sq. ft.)      Size of the Fan (inches)
<50 29
<75 36
<100 42
<225 52
<400 56

It is evident that a larger room will require a bigger fan for better circulation. 

For your bedroom, you can opt for a medium-sized fan. If your room ranges from 144 to 225 square feet, a medium-sized fan of 44-50 inches can work wonders. Ensure that it has a CFM rating of 1600-4500. This will allow the fan to move the air more efficiently. 

If you have a smaller bedroom, a fan of 42 inches with a 1000-3000 CFM rating will be sufficient. 

A living room or family room might require an enormous fan of 50 inches or more with a CFM rating of 2300-6500. Lastly, if you are looking for a fan for open floor grounds or large patios, a fan of over 60 inches with 5500-135000 will be required.

2. Ceiling Height

Ceiling fan in a living room
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The next factor that you must consider is the ceiling height. For a more straightforward calculation, there should be a gap of at least seven feet between the floor and the bottom part of the fan. This will allow better and enhanced circulation without any accidents. 

If you have a higher ceiling, get the fans with down rods. Contrarily, if you have low ceilings, flush mount fans will be appropriate.

3. Direction of the Fan

Not many people are aware of this fact, but the direction of the fan blade movements can alter the air circulation. 
The fan blades should move in a clockwise direction if you want to warm your home. However, in summers, the blades should move in an anti-clockwise direction for a downwards airflow. This helps in breaking the stagnant air, thereby giving you a cool effect.

When the stagnant layer of air is pushed away with the anti-clockwise moving of the fan blades, your body cools itself down, even if there is no change in the temperature. 

4. Silent Fans

It is futile to opt for a fan that makes noises. You must keep an eye on aerodynamically designed silent fans that will cool down the room without causing any excessive noises. The blades are specifically designed for maximum air delivery.

5. Energy-Efficient

Along with the fan’s efficiency, you must consider the budget as well as the power usage. If you wish to stay within your budget while using ceiling fans in summer, opt for the fans with BLDC (Brushless Direct Motor Current) technology. This will reduce over 50% of the power consumption, giving relaxation in the electricity bills. 

6. Fans with the Fine Finishing

ceiling fan with light in study room
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If you prefer to buy the fans that match your room, you can go for a fan with customized blades. There are several companies that provide fans with smooth finishing that can match your decor. 

Moreover, some fans come with integrated lighting that can brighten up the room. 

Choosing a ceiling fan can be a challenging task, but the results will make it worth it. If you are in need of a ceiling fan for summer, get a ceiling fan from top brands. Such fans will turn out to be an effective and efficient investment. 

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