How to Choose a Mixer Grinder?

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Even if you aren’t a food fanatic, you would surely know what a mixer grinder is. Although mixer grinders have been a part of our kitchen for quite some time, newer technologies have made it easier to puree those tomatoes or make some thick juice. No doubt, mixer grinder functions as a basic necessity in most kitchens. 

A mixer grinder could be used for anything and comes in handy for cooking most dishes. However, picking the right one as per your needs could be a crazy adventure. So, how would you choose the best mixer grinder that would fit your need?

Well, in this blog, we will explain all the tips to help you pick that perfect grinder.

Mixer Grinder: Selecting the Perfect One

1. Wattage:

The first aspect to consider when selecting the best grinder for your kitchen is to look for its wattage. So, what does wattage mean to you when it comes to selecting the perfect machine? Well, with a higher wattage, you can grind tougher and coarser ingredients at faster speeds. Generally, a grinder that goes from 500 watts to 750 watts would be an ideal choice.

2. Rotation per Minute (Motor Speed):

Also known as RPM, this feature is another deciding factor that can help you ensure you can chop or grind anything in the kitchen. The RPM of a grinder tells you the speed with which its blade rotates every minute. Most domestic grinders have something between 18000 RPM to 23000 RPM which is good enough. Any grinder that ranges between this is a fair choice and higher RPM gets you faster speed. 

Look for mixer grinders with a speed control switch to ensure that you can change them as per your requirement. 

3. Number and Types Jars:

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The more jars you have for your mixer grinder, the better it is. Most grinders have 2 to 3 jars of varying capacities to adhere to your requirement. You can make use of one for the purpose of grinding spices, another to make pastes, & the last one to juice your fruits. 

The thing to look for is a durable jar body with a break-resistant lid. It should be able to withstand any type of wear & tear that might happen in your kitchen. Also, make sure your jar has an ergonomic handle to help you grip it better.

4. Blades:

The blades fitted in your mixer grinder are actually the ones that do all of the work. So, it surely makes sense that you must verify its quality. Ensure that your blades’ material is nothing but stainless steel & preferably the 304 grade. 

Now, the stainless steel grade is of utmost importance to ensure that it comes with oxidation resistance or even corrosion resistance. Steel blades of high quality also retain sharpness and agility for years to come. Apart from this, you also need to check the type of blades available with the grinder. Some grinders come with blades that are designed to dry grind and some to wet grind. 

However, there are several grinders that pack in a hybrid blade that is both a wet grinder well as a dry grinder. They can also be available in pairs of two that can be switched as required.

5. Warranty of Mixer Grinder:

When buying a worthwhile mixer grinder, you need to make sure that there is a long warranty timeline associated with it. Keep in mind, the longer the warranty, the better the quality of the product. So, look for warranties that range anywhere from 2-5 years when selecting a model that fits your needs. Additionally, you also need to pick a grinder that has a separate warranty on its motor. This will ensure that you don’t just get assurance on the body but also on the motor.

6. Price of Mixer Grinder:

When on a budget, you surely wouldn’t want to go on a blind shopping spree. The grinder’s price would vary depending on the features they offer & the overall build. Although most high-end features would require you to shell out some extra cash, there are various mid-range options available that can fit into your budget.

7. Overload Protection:

At times, we would get into a habit of filling our grinder jars more than they are meant for. This could lead to risks such as circuit burning due to overload pressure. Now, this might also happen if you grind something too hard that isn’t meant for traditional home kitchens. In order to avoid this from happening, modern-day grinders come with an overload protection feature that serves as an effective circuit breaker. This helps prevent your grinder from burning, damaging, or breaking down.

8. Brand Preference:

Most buyers, when it comes to home appliances, tend to be particular about certain brands. They trust these brands so much so that most appliances in their home belong to the very same brand. If you are someone with similar brand loyalty, this could be your starting step to selecting the perfect mixer grinder for your kitchen. 

In the brand of your choice, you could find both high-end grinders as well as budget-friendly ones to suit your needs.

9. Advanced Functions in Mixer Grinder:

If you are someone who simply uses grinders for normal needs, you might not be looking for something very advanced. This means you wouldn’t have to invest a lot in your grinder. However, for someone who is a food aficionado, added features such as whipping and kneading would fit in well in their day-to-day activities. This is especially true if you are into baking.


Selecting the perfect mixer grinder would also require you to keep in mind the weight and size of the machine. If you don’t have a big kitchen, you should go with something that is small and light in weight. This would ensure that you can carry it around with ease, especially if the power socket isn’t close by. Also, hunt for occasional deals provided by online stores to save something extra while you shop online. Do not forget to look through the buyer reviews to ensure the company stands up to its claims!

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