Washing Machine categories: Which one would you choose?

Types of washing machine

Are you planning to buy a new washing machine? Today there are many washing machine categories availabe in Indian Market : Semi-automatic, fully-automatic, top loading and front loading. So which one to buy? It is a tough call to make.

Mr. right will help you in taking this decision. We would provide you the information on different types of washing machine. This would help you in the decision making process. Your purchase decision should depend upon what features and functions you require.

Washing machine categories

Semi-Automatic washing machine

As the name suggests semi-automatic washing machine is only partially automatic. It require some manual efforts for operation. You have to fill water in the tub before starting the cycle and have to drain the water when the cycle finishes. There are usually 2 compartments : a washer and a dryer in a semi-automatic washing machine. They are always top loading.

Fully Automatic washing machine

A fully automatic washing machine works all by itself with no manual efforts required. There is only one compartment and it acts as washer as well as dryer. They can be both top loading as well as front loading.

Now what is the difference between top loading and front loading washing machines?

The factors on which top and front loading differ are :

  • Door : Very simply put, top loading washing machines have the door on the top whereas front loading has door in the front. Top loading are easier to load but unloading is little inconvenient as you have to reach the bottom of the drum in order to empty it.
  • Dimension : The width of both types are nearly same but they differ in height and depth. Front load washers are usually taller and deeper. Front loading are usually heavier than top loading. So think of the room size where you have to place your washing machine.
  • Control panel : The control panel of the top loading is at the top back of the washer where as front loading has controller and knobs in the front.
  • Efficiency: Top loading requires enough water to soak all the clothes whereas front loading requires third of that amount as the tub is horizontal. Top loading washers have to empty the soapy water and refill the drum for the rinse cycle. They usually have an agitator inside the drum and therefore have less room for dirty clothes. On the other hand front loading washers only spray clean water on the soapy clothes and rinse them, thus saving liters of water. Also front loading machine has more space for dirty clothes as there is no agitator.
  • Effect on clothes: There is usually no damages to clothes in either of the washer. But if we want to bring out one, the agitator in top loading can sometime cause damage to the clothes. The clothe strings can get tangled around the agitator during washing that can damage the clothe. You can add clothes in the middle of washing cycle in a top loading. But this can never be done in the front loading.
  • Cost: Front loading machines cost higher than the top loading. Moreover front loading washers have higher maintenance and service cost.
  • Detergent choice: Although you can use any detergent in top loading washing machine but your detergent selection is a bit limited for front loading washing machine. It is usually suggested by the manufactures to use High efficient low sudsing detergents for front loading. As front load uses less water so a low sudsing detergent(means a detergent causing less foam) is used.

Buying a washing machine is a big investment. So keep in mind all the things to look at in a washing machine while buying like family size, washing area size, washing frequency, budget, water availability etc.when making a decision.

(Cover image source: www.housetohome.co.uk)

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    Before you buy a new washing machine, you need to know what kind of washer is suitable for you. Most of the time, washing machines are grouped based on their loader type – top loading and front loading machines.Regular top loading washers are generally less expensive and use less water and electricity as compared to other high-efficiency models.

    CEO,Sree Service

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