4 Popular air fryers in India

Best air fryers on sale in India
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The Air fryer is a wonderful innovation in the field of kitchen technology. Health is wealth and to stay healthy should be your goal. All people yearn for tasty fried food and it contains so much fat which indirectly hazardous to your health. However, oil is not the only way to fry out food, thanks to the today’s technological invention. With the help of an air fryer, you can fry out food without putting them into the deep oil. It uses less quantity oil which does not produce any fat in the body. It fries food with the help of hot-air instead of oil. So, this is a healthy way of cooking, a way to retain the taste and keeping yourself safe from the health perspective.

Whether you want to make fried fish or chicken fry, you can enjoy your dish without being worried about the fat component which is when cooking in a regular pot gives you 80 percent fat in your body. If you want to keep your heart healthy and a strong metabolism in life, get an air fryer for your kitchen.  Depending on their style and brand, we have selected some of the best air fryers on sale in India which gives you better cooking and ease of operation. They are safe from the durability aspect and you can depend on them.

Kenstar aster 1500-watt oxy fryer

This is an air fryer on sale in India come with a 3-litre capacity; 4.9 kg weight and a 30-minute timer. It has a heating coil at the bottom and a fan below to spread the heat in the container.

Kenstar aster 1500-watt oxy fryer

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With two LED buttons, one is green for power on/off and the other one is red for heating on/off, this air fryer is good for frying anything. It comes with a hidden handle at the top which is ejected to carry it from one place to another. It is affordable and has 2-year warranty options. This air fryer has 3-litre frying basket and comes with a simple yet highly adjustable control panel. Once the cooking is completed, it automatically stops. The packet includes a 1200mm long power cord which is an advantage.

Havells pro-life plus 4-litre 1230-watt air fryer

This air fryer on sale in India possess a good capacity of a 4-litre frying pan and 2-litre food basket capacity. The advantage of this air fryer is that you can cook different foods in one go. You can fry, bake, fry, bake, toast, roast, grill and reheat simultaneously. It comes with an automatic power-off and temperature control function which means once you put the food inside there is no need to keep a check on the cooking. The maximum limit of the timer is 60 minutes with the temperature range is 80-200 Celsius.

Havells pro-life plus 4-litre 1230-watt air fryer

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With an inbuilt automatic power on /off capacity LED lights, this is a wonderful cooking appliance.

There is a small storing space to keep the cord inside this air fryer on sale in India, so it reflects a very organized look. The non-stick food basket it has is easy to clean. It has a 2-year warranty. However, though food basket is shown as 4 litres, the actual practical capacity of this air fryer is 2 litres. It produces 85 percent less oil component food. It enables you to cook faster and tastier. The multiple food frying capacities save your time.

Philips Viva collection HD9220 air fryer

This is popular air fryer on sale in India, comes in the size of 2.2 litres with all the required bells and tinkers for your convenience, a power and heating indicator LEDs, a 30-minute timer and temperature setting from 80-200 Celsius. The timer is a sound which indicates when the cooking system is completed. It combines a grill coil which eats up food and a fan which circulates this heated air evenly to all parts of the food. This air fryer on sale in India also contains a filtering system which helps the cooking smell to dissolve automatically.

Ideal for a family, this air fryer on sale in India is good for home use and can be used to serve the purpose of baking, grill and roast.

Philips Viva collection HD9220 air fryer

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Cleaning is not difficult for all the parts except the grill portion. It is usually dishwasher safe and the parts of the appliance come with 2-year warranty. It features a double layer rack that maximizes the cooking surface area. You can adjust time and temperature as per the requirement of your dish. It is easy to clean it and produce less smell in cooking compared to normal fryers. It shuts down automatically and alerts you when the cooking is done. It is dishwasher friendly. This air fryer on sale in India is good for cooking snacks.

Prestige PAF 1.0 1400-watt air fryer

With a 2.2 litre of capacity, this air fryer on sale in India is weighted as 6 kgs. It comes with a digitally controlled panel where you can pre-set the cooking time. You can cook two items simultaneously with this air fryer. With its cake basket facility, you can perform many tasks including- fry, grill, bake and roast.

Prestige PAF 1.0 1400-watt air fryer

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The standard temperature range is 60-200 Celsius. However, with this air fryer on sale in India, you will get an only 1-year warranty. It is easy to clean the grill basket. It has safety button given for oil and smoke filter. It automatically shuts off when the cooking is finished.

These are some of the best air fryers on sale in India which have earned good reviews and you can choose among them as per your budget and preferability. Call us Mr right services for any future repair related requirements of your air fryer.

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