What features do you need to know to promote your ios app?

In general, the methods of app promotion for Google Play and App Store are the same. In practice, you are free to use the same texts and visuals for both markets. But still, these are two different platforms that have their own characteristics. In order to promote your iOS app, you need to find out about your potential customers.

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The iOS algorithm is field-oriented. This means that your app name, subtitle, and keyword field define your rank. The iOS algorithm takes words from this field to form combinations and displays them in results.

The rapid development of the IOS application is very lucrative. The IOS audience is younger than Android. This means that there is significant demand. Younger audiences are willing to spend more money on applications for their device.  Half of the iOS users say they had five or more paid apps, compared to 19% of eligible Android users. So creating new ones and advertising them are in demand.

You can promote your iOS app with its optimization, specials visuals. The official statistic of Apple states that 65% of downloads are done from the search. This means that icon and title are important and significant components. Use relevant keywords to run optimization. Their creation for the iOS app is the same for Android. Analyze your application, determine the essence. For example, if your app is about cooking, the keywords can be – “cooking”, “food”, “cook” and so on. Then combine them in phrases. Your aim is to predict the intention of your users.  Too many uninstalls harm your ranking and reputation, so use only related terms.

 IOS and Android algorithms have similar features but differ in vital factors. To promote your iOS app, you need to remember the above things because each platform has its own characteristics. Keyapp.top is a service platfrom for application promotion.

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