Fun Home Renovations Using Wood

Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Inside and Outside

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Have you been thinking about adding a new, fresh look to your home? Have you been looking to do some renovations but are unsure where to begin?

Custom wood home renovations are a simple way to elevate its overall look and create the aesthetic you wish to bring into your living space. 

Maybe you want to go for a more modern theme, with white walls, open spaces, and golden wood flooring, or maybe a rustic theme suits your home better. No matter what you have envisioned, you can achieve many different looks for your home depending on the type of wood you want to work with or what you want to use it for. 

There are so many things you can do to change your home into the beautiful space you desire it to be. You can develop a new aesthetic and overall vibe that complements the character your home holds. When using wood accents to renovate your home, the possibilities are endless. 

Wood Flooring 

By simply adding wood flooring to your home you can change up the entire look of the interior. 

Replacing your carpeted spaces with wood flooring can be the change your home needs to develop a more modern and clean look. Depending on the shade of wood you choose, you can begin to create the desired theme you are going for. 

A lighter shade of wood may result in a modern, chic look accompanied by a white wall and beautiful greenery. A darker shade of wood can create a more rustic, farmhouse style for the rooms in your home. 

Not to mention, wood flooring is low maintenance and can last a while, proven to stay durable through wear and tear over time.  

Custom Built Wooden Furniture

If you really want to personalize your home and create your ideal theme, having custom-built wooden furniture for your place is a step you can take to go above and beyond. 

Having furniture custom made to your liking is one way to ensure you are getting the best quality wooden pieces added to your home. You get to decide what furniture you want for your space and it will be unique compared to anything you can find in stores or online. 

Implementing different types of wooden furniture to your home can bring a simple yet beautiful touch to any room. 

Add A Barn Door 

Including a barn door in the interior of your home can add a simple, rustic look to any room in the house. This style of door is beautiful in any space and can be a statement piece that really stands out. 

Not only can a barn door add a modern, farmhouse style to your home but it can be utilized for saving space in smaller rooms. This type of door slides towards the wall instead of swinging open like a traditional door, which in turn saves on space in the entire room while it is open. 

This addition can be the focal point of any room, catching the eye with the shade of wood you pick and the unique aesthetic it is going to bring to the entire space. 

Wooden Wall Mount Shelving 

Green Plants And A Frame On A Shelf · Free Stock Photo (

In any space, wooden wall mounted shelving can help to create a modern look while also providing a space for decor and storage in your home. 

The simple touch of wooden shelves can add a place for you to personalize your home with photos, books, or knick-knacks. Mounting your shelves to the wall can save on space and also add a new look, especially when you add decor to them. 

The color you choose and where they go in your home can all determine the touch this type of shelving can add to any space. It is something very simple to add but can transform the look of any room. 

Board and Batten Walls

Adding this element to your home can elevate any look you are trying to achieve. Board and batten walls can be made modern or rustic depending on the style you decide to go for. These unique walls can add to any home and be a central focal point in any room. 

There are a couple of different styles of board and batten walls to choose from when it comes to renovating your home. To begin there are full board and batten walls, these extend the entire length of your walls and create a modern aesthetic. 

There are half board and batten walls that only cover half of the length and add a more traditional look to your home. You can also include whiteboard and batten walls that can bring a modern, farmhouse look to the interior of your home. 

These different types of walls can add so much to any room and really be the part of your home that stands out. It can bring a range of detail to any space. 

Add Beams To Your Ceiling 

The simple addition of wooden beams to your ceiling can tie any living space together. This brings in the use of wood, utilizing its beauty in a unique way. 

This can create any type of aesthetic you are looking for and be the touch of decoration that completes your home. This is a beautiful idea for any large space with high ceilings and plenty of light to illuminate the colors of the wood and the detail it carries. 

Build An Outdoor Deck

brown wooden terrace outside clear glass door photo – Free Deck Image on Unsplash

Adding a deck to the exterior of your home can add a beautiful touch to any backyard. This can be the perfect addition to your yard, especially if you love to spend time outside. This can be a wonderful space to gather with friends and family, relax and enjoy nice weather. 

The wood you choose for your deck can help to achieve any look you would like for your backyard when picking the color and finish you want. The beauty it holds can add to any home and be the finishing touch that creates the exact aesthetic you want it to be. 

Versatile and useful, you can never go wrong adding a deck to your backyard. 


Adding this simple touch to your backyard can be the detail you need to pull the entire look of the yard together. It is perfect to put some chairs under, a table and some plants for a touch of natural decoration. A pergola can create a cozy outdoor seating space while bringing a new sense of style as well. 

Including this in your backyard can be a unique addition that adds to the aesthetic you wish to create. This will be great for entertaining or relaxing outdoors, a focal point that will catch the eye of anyone who visits your yard. 

Adding A Beautiful Touch

By including wood in the interior and exterior of your home, you can create any look that you desire to be a part of your living space. This is your home, the space where you spend the most time and make the most memories, it deserves to look as beautiful as you would like. 

Using wood you can develop beautiful yet simple detailing that can elevate your home and make it look exactly how you have always dreamed. 

With the help of a contractor and some do-it-yourself skills, you can include these beautiful additions in your home and develop the aesthetic that best fits your space. The options are endless when using wood to create decor and develop the true beauty your home holds. 

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